guy rope

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a cable, wire, or rope that is used to brace something (especially a tent)

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There's no toilet I haven't braved, no unwilling pop star I won't stand next to, and no guy rope I haven't tripped over.
A guy rope has snapped and snagged on the castle weather vane which means the Welsh Dragon flag is no longer dancing gracefully in the wind.
There was a sudden lurch as, tripped by a guy rope, the horse pitched into a bell tent.
CSP 2 MAST 40 Guy Rope and Handle 50 Feet (Primary) with 1 000lb BS Cord Dyneema (Only) x 10;
The reality, however, was a whole lot different: sore backs from lying on tree roots, condensation dripping on your face to wake you up, dogs fighting in the tent over scraps of food, tripping over guy ropes and dislocating ankles, spilling hot coffee on laps, beginning to smell in places you didn't know existed, the sounds of nearby campers snoring, dogs barking at every single twig snap, rain seeping in through the edges of the canvas, tent zips that get stuck
And Jack Charlton threw in an extra challenge: he took his squad running through Stewart Park as it was being set up for the Cleveland Show meaning the sprints and relays around the site meant expensive players had to be nimble to avoid tent pegs, guy ropes and stray livestock.
The white marquee, guy ropes taut as banjo strings, was crowded with visitors.
It was great to see all the tents up, kids and grannies tripping over guy ropes, and the kids running barefoot at breakneck speeds all over the place.
The last barbecue I endured there I was huddled within two fleeces and anchored to the ground with guy ropes.
BASED Stone Technical Services' steeplejacks' division has secured a number of new contracts totalling around PS50,000 for the company The firm has carried out a full repaint of two 20-metre high chimney stacks at Copella Fruit Juices, for Walker Snack Foods in Boxford, Surrey, and has replaced all the guy ropes used for stabilisation during inclement weather.
99 each star buy IGLOO TENT In two designs, this threeperson Igloo includes a roll-up entrance, groundsheet, pegs, poles, guy ropes and carry bag.
One of the group from Rhuddlan, mum-of-one Sara Jane King, was fixing the guy ropes at the back of her tent when she saw a ball of fire hurtling towards them.
These included concerns that people might hurt themselves by tripping over guy ropes attached to trees, bollards and lampposts, the presence of "unknown quantities of flammable liquids" and "dangers associated with smoking and drinking within the tented areas".