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Synonyms for guy

Synonyms for guy

an informal term for a youth or man

Related Words

an effigy of Guy Fawkes that is burned on a bonfire on Guy Fawkes Day

a cable, wire, or rope that is used to brace something (especially a tent)

steady or support with a guy wire or cable

References in classic literature ?
"Marry, it shall be done." And he set about giving orders, while Guy of Gisborne sallied forth disguised.
"By my troth, that is Sir Guy of Gisborne's horn," quoth the Sheriff; "and he bade me not to delay answering its summons.
"He is a highway robber," said Sir Guy, evading the question.
"Have done with your sophistry," said Sir Guy impatiently.
Then neither spoke more, but fell sternly to work--lunge and thrust and ward and parry--for two full hours the weapons smote together sullenly, and neither Robin Hood nor Sir Guy would yield an inch.
Neither had yet touched the other, until Robin, in an unlucky moment, stumbled over the projecting root of a tree; when Sir Guy, instead of giving him the chance to recover himself, as any courteous knight would have done, struck quickly at the falling man and wounded him in the left side.
the scabbard, and, coming to where Guy of Gisbourne lay, he stood over him with folded arms, talking to himself the while.
As he strode along the country roads, men, women, and children hid away from him, for the terror of Guy of Gisbourne's name and of his doings had spread far and near.
Here was a great bustle and stir on this bright morning, for the Sheriff and a score of his men had come to stop there and await Guy of Gisbourne's return from the forest.
"Now," he muttered to himself, "I would not for a thousand pounds have this fellow slip through my fingers; yet, should his master escape that foul Guy of Gisbourne, there is no knowing what he may do, for he is the cunningest knave in all the world--this same Robin Hood.
"Your Worship," cried he, "is not yon fellow coming along toward us that same Guy of Gisbourne whom thou didst send into the forest to seek Robin Hood?" At these words the Sheriff shaded his eyes and looked eagerly.
Or some guy slips me a bunch of dope?" He shook his head solemnly.
But say, we got the procession blocked at Fourteenth and Broadway, right under the nose of the City Hall, rushed the rear end, cut out the horses of five wagons, an' handed them college guys a few love-pats in passin'.
He rounded up a lot of them college fellows--fraternity guys, they're called--yaps that live off their fathers' money.
"Come," said the man called Guy, "if there be life left in her we must hasten to Sir Peter before it be extinct."