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fortitude and determination

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The researchers found a greater diversity of bacterial species in the guts of red wine drinkers compared with those who did not drink red wine.
Islamabad -- Do bacteria have an unlimited supply of nutrients in the gut? In the past, scientists tended to believe that the gut is a kind of paradise for these microorganisms; but, as it turns out, that assumption is incorrect which good news is for us.
"Our gas capsule offers an accurate and safe tool for monitoring the effects of diet of individuals, and has the potential to be used as a diagnostic tool for the gut," according to the study.
Several studies reported an association between gut microbiota and metabolic diseases [3-9], with some studies presenting the differences between gut microbiota in T2DM patients and healthy individuals [3,10].
Now, the teams behind both studies are hopeful this could be significantly boosted if they are able to manipulate the make-up of bacteria in the gut.
In a further step that takes their work well beyond proof of concept, researchers report their laboratory-created intestine successfully regenerated gut tissue in the colons of dogs with missing gut lining.
To date, 4,200 participants have had their gut microbiota sequenced.
The gut microbiome is a micro-version of a complex biome.
Gut bacteria from thin people can invade the intestines of mice carrying microbes from obese people.
journal Science, demonstrate the transmission of physical and metabolic traits via gut microbes, representing an important step toward the ultimate goal of developing anti-obesity treatment with bacteria, reported Xinhua news agency.
The CFO must demonstrate leadership guts: the ability to make decisions with insufficient data and establish a clear point of view based on values rather than just analysis.
Scientists have also observed snails that hitchhike by sticking to ducks' feet and eggs of tiny brine shrimp and other water animals that survive in bird guts.
The story behind the guts? In August 2002, Rick Swanson, an Alaska state trooper, received a call about a possible moose shooting.
"Within a speedy eight minutes, I'll show you how to take your guts from weak to peak," states Salmansohn, "using "psyche-chology," a unique guts semantical empowering system that will miraculously give you stronger guts fast, when you need them:
Her recent films, Kill Road (16 mm, 14 minutes, 2003) and Machine Guts (Super 8, 3 minutes, 2002), are her strongest to date and signal a maturing artist.