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the trait of lacking courage and determination

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Innumeracy and gutlessness aside, why did we never ask ourselves if the label "evangelical" tells us anything more than the yarmulke or the head scaffon the person next to us at Starbucks?
Instead of leadership we have indecision, gutlessness and broken election promises.
A similar point--that underlines the sheer gutlessness of the whole paper--arises from Mr Robb's statement that "people who are already permanent residents will only be required to meet the current two-year residential qualifying period" provided they apply for citizenship within three years of the commencement of the Act.
Isn't it rather fear and exhaustion and inertia, gutlessness plain and simple, far far more than that 'love' that the marriage counselors and the songwriters and the psychotherapists are forever dreaming about?
Need we mention his gutlessness in the matter of the pre-emptive strike?
Evans places blame primarily on the candidates who withdrew for their "collective act of gutlessness," the kind of bowing and scraping to the Democratic establishment, such as it is, that has provoked so many primary voters to abandon early favorites like Kerry and Lieberman to support the rebel Howard Dean.
It was British gutlessness that put the Communist dictator there in the first place.
Our gutlessness, our refusal to tell the truth, our fear of being slandered as "anti-Semites" -- the most loathsome of libels against any journalist -- means that we are aiding and abetting terrible deeds in the Middle East.
He exalts our mean-spiritedness, our gutlessness, our banality.
The covert plan failed not because of the historic gutlessness of U.
The expected lift off oversteer from a rear-engined machine didn't happen either, for same reasons of gutlessness.
Naylor suggests then, that, for the Nedeed wives and the novel's other dispossessed women, especially, Linden Hills is a site of bourgeois-male gutlessness.
So you can look at the movie one of two ways: that the movie becomes high-minded in its refusal to commit to its sleazy sensibility, or that since it's still clearly cashing in on said sleazy sensibility, its inability to follow through simply underscores the filmmakers' cynicism and gutlessness.
The problem is a combination of gutlessness on the part of the sleeping citizenry of Maryland, generations of government-subsidized oxygen thieves and a rise in effeminate men.