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an issue that elicits strong emotional reactions

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They know this election will be decided on the gut issue of the break-up of the United Kingdom, but the Nats have run away from their own core policy.
The primitive gene insertion process damages hundreds of genes which then produce unknown proteins, some of which can cause cancer, or allergies, or gut issues, or damage to bodily organs.
Teri Arranga, of AutismOne says, "With over 100 leading experts covering biomedical treatments, gut issues, special diets, educational therapies, behaviors, advocacy, prevention, adolescence, adulthood, legal issues, schools, wandering, nutrition, testing, and more parents attending the conference can go home and begin healing their child the same day.
Better diagnostic methods and awareness of gut issues also mean more people are seeing their doctors to be diagnosed.
Let's just say, however, that several of my teammates do have certain bowel and gut issues which appear to be at their most dramatic during the night when everyone is locked away in their bedrooms.
But all the main parties are ignoring serious public concern on gut issues like law and order, immigration and bogus asylum-seekers.
It has to do with the gut issues of a very basic sectarianism: who has got the capacity to inflict communal humiliation and to provoke 'ethnic rage'?
Flashy phrases and enthusiastic rhetoric do not deal with the gut issues of economics and real powers.