gustatory sensation

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The features described by him were progressive narrowing of the mouth, blanching of the oral mucosa, pain and burning sensation on taking food, decreased mobility of the soft palate and tongue, loss of gustatory sensation and occasional mild hearing impairment due to the blockage of the Eustachian tube and apparently there has been no change in these symptoms till today.
The poems are lyrical and create a gustatory sensation like syrup.
Unlikely to spawn a gustatory sensation, "Worms" should fare modestly in theaters, finding its real legs as a rental.
Decrease medications that promote anorexia, dry mouth, diuresis, dysphagia, or lethargy, or those that alter gustatory sensation (e.
Taste receptors are known to pick up five basic types of gustatory sensations -- sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami -- but the group has found that receptors also send fat-taste information to the brain.
These different styles of fracturing provide the diner with different gustatory sensations.