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Antonyms for gusseted

provided or reinforced with gussets


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Reflective laces add flare while a gusseted tongue construction will prevent water from seeping into the dual pod Nike Zoom Air insole technology.
For more information on the Portland Designer Gusseted Countertop Support visit Federal Brace online at www.
In 1989 they launched the first stand-up gusseted bag with re-sealable zipper which not only revolutionized the dried fruit industry, but also the packaged goods industry as a whole.
Thomson quickly sourced a Nishibe machine that manufactures resealable gusseted pouches with ZIP-PAK zippers.
hydration reservoir Front panel is gusseted allowing contents to expand away from wearer's body.
The Topaz is available in a variety of seat widths and depths, frame reinforcements that include gusseted sides, caster journals, and dual heavy-duty crossbraces.
Ideal for shipping and storing high value components inside bins, boxes or shipping containers, the wrap is available in several forms: pre-sized, zip-closure bags, large gusseted tote-bin size bags, stretch film and flat stock.
The fiber bed uses a gusseted baffle-box construction and retails for $59.
The new unit can wind folded, gusseted tubing and in-line slit sheet.
Pre-zippered film with foldable zippers on the unlocked position is formed into a gusseted package.
Available either custom printed or unprinted and in flat or gusseted styles, the pouches can also be tailored to specific shelf-life requirements.
Minneapolis-based Winsted Corporation is offering an array of new accessories for its Pro Series II vertical rack cabinets, which feature adjustable tapped front and rear rack rails and gusseted horizontal supports for additional strength.
Other features include high visibility stripes, an easily adjustable waistband with locking toggles, large gusseted pockets for honing gloves and removable kneepads on trousers and salopettes.
A fully gusseted tongue prevents debris from getting in the boot and an injection molded shank provides exceptional support, especially when under the load of a full pack.