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Synonyms for gushy

Synonyms for gushy

extravagantly demonstrative

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About her fans, the pop star was gushy, revealing, "I love them
Her writing is gushy and bland at times, but there are some sweet insights into her family life.
The book is full of gushy praise for the president the twice-divorced Trierweiler calls 'my man'.
The real deal: So he's mushy gushy when no one's watching, but hiding you from the gang?
It gets a little problematic when you start getting all gushy over your hew Ford Mustang, unless of course you designed and built the damn thing in the first place.
The thing to remember is that praise doesn't have to be gushy or overwhelming; sometimes the smallest words can have the biggest effect, especially with children.
Someone may feel that you are being too gushy about one situation or person, but you just have a feeling that things can work out well for you.
I don't want to be gushy and weird about it, but I am in love," says Kate.
Surprisingly, the combination worked wonderfully, with the pulse adding another textural level to the gushy red meat that needed only the slightest encouragement to disintegrate.
The most glittering ensemble of the year gets all gushy in this romance that's destined to keep Cupid very busy indeed.
Without getting too gushy you're better off accepting a challenge and getting on with it.
They are cutting without being too bitchy and caring without being too gushy It's debatable whether they're worth their rumoured pounds 10million-a-head salary - but they make I'm A Celeb worth its weight in gold.
It is a gushy devotional to baseball by a writer who has read too much Kinsella and too much Malamud--like a pitch tossed by a determined Little Leaguer, we can see where this one is going right from the start.
The ubiquitous Louis Walsh was present and promising the show's all-girl team lots of exclusive interviews - with Westlife - while Expose presenter Sybil Mulcahy went all gushy at having met Hollywood's John Travolta.
and another expressing mushy, gushy love (To the Love of My Life).