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an oil well with a strong natural flow so that pumping is not necessary

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Those higher oil prices will help producers generate a gusher of cash flow this year that they can use to shore up their balance sheets or reward investors, which could give their stocks a further boost.
An abnormal communication between the subarachnoid space and the perilymphatic space is the underlying cause of a CSF gusher. The inner ear abnormality that is most often responsible of this phenomenon is a bony defect in the fundus of the internal acoustic meatus [11].
If a longer electrode is chosen, it cannot be inserted up to the silicon stopper in case of gusher in CH-II.
Radiology can help surgeons prevent and evaluate stapes gushers. Suggestive signs of a possible gusher are dilation of the internal auditory canal fundus, dilation of the vestibule, widening of the vestibular aqueduct (diameter: >1.5 mm), widening of the cochlear aqueduct, cochlear dysplasia (widening of the upper cochlear canal >2.2 mm, an incomplete cochlear partition, or modiolus abnormalities), and dilation of the first portion of the facial canal.
Molecular analysis of the POU3F4 gene in patients with clinical and radiographic evidence of X-linked mixed deafness with perilymphatic gusher. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 1997;106:320-5.
"The whole oil sector got massively overbought and people assumed that one day they'd hit an absolute gusher."
Off to Aberdeen next, where Osborne's stamp of approval on a new gas and oil field is trumpeted as a North Sea gusher.
A boom in domestic shale production yielded a gusher of high-quality oil available at discounted prices thanks to a longstanding ban on US crude exports.
In the meantime, the God-given oil gusher and Pastor Ted, now a popular TV evangelist, are attracting more Children of God to Carbon County, Wyoming.
"With oil prices now around a five-year low, budget officials in about a half-dozen states already have begun paring back projections for a continued gusher of revenues.
The drought of original ideas this pilot season can be measured by the gusher of film-to-TV adaptations.
Afren drillers discovered the Ogo reservoir, Nigeria's largest find in a decade, a field that could well hold almost a billion barrels of oil equivalent, a true West African gusher.
If you're being told about "an Oil-Stock Gusher'' or that a company has a deal in the works that "points to HUGE Profits for early shareholders,'' be wary.
This is in large part thanks to the gusher of federal money pouring into American colleges in the form of Pell Grants, subsidized loans, and research dollars, totaling nearly $200 billion a year.
The Pentagon unveiled another batch of procurement reforms, known as "better buying power 2.0." The 1.0 version was rolled out in September 2010, when then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned that the post-9/11 money gusher was drying up, and the Defense Department had to clean up its contracting act.