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the handle of a handgun or the butt end of a rifle or shotgun or part of the support of a machine gun or artillery gun

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Where their beauty also lies, however, is in how well they do the job of being gunstocks.
I am fully booked for at least three months in advance and 1 will keep on pushing the limits when it comes to carving beautiful gunstocks!
The fascia letterbox panels are decorated with gunstock checkering and the exquisite engraving of the centre console panel has been inspired by Holland & Holland's distinctive forend diamonds.
Besides shaping gunstocks, it was later applied to a great variety of commercial objects such as sculptural busts, shoe lasts, handles, spokes, keys and more.
Its uses include cabinetry and high-end furniture, gunstocks and interior millwork, But koa isn't the only member of the Acacia genus found on the Hawaiian Islands.
Which wood is traditionally used for gunstocks and Rolls-Royce dashboards?
By the mid-1800s, most of the really large trees were gone, but walnut continued to be used to make everything from fence posts and railroad ties (because it didn't rot easily) to gunstocks. Today, black walnut is still prized for use in gunstocks, because it doesn't warp or splinter and absorbs recoil better than any other wood.
They then broke the window with their gunstocks, dragged out the child and bundled her into a Peugeot.
They had doubts about our paying for the development work, but at one point they became convinced and contributed many ideas to the new camera." The core body of the camera is CNC-machined from a single piece of aircraft aluminum, while the handgrips are made of matched wood by a maker of gunstocks. Components are machined to a precision of 0.02 mm.
In addition to cabinets and furniture, black walnut has been used for musical instruments, paneling, gunstocks, and other fancy wood products.
The wood is prized for cabinet work, furniture and interior joinery and is probably the most ideal material for gunstocks.
Blanchard's invention "mechanized the making of gunstocks, shoe lasts, ax-handles, and other highly irregular shapes" (59).
He also organized production lines using systems of machinery to make gunstocks at the Springfield Armory and ships' blocks in Vermont and New York.
The fine art of checkering gunstocks is a skill most anyone with good eyesight and some patience can master.
Shaw's work complete, the barreled action was handed off to LeRoy Barry at Canyon Creek Custom Gunstocks, and the old barrel, stock and hardware were returned to me.