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someone who makes or repairs guns

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From this point on Pullman has expanded their services to gunsmiths in need of precision welding and parts repair.
That ammo was difficult and expensive to get, so these guns were changed by gunsmiths to accept .45 Colt.
Caption: Wheeler Engineering Deluxe Gunsmith Screwdriver Set.
As the gunsmith business increased manifold in the 80s and 90s, the number of engravers rose with it.
That was the beginning of a long career for self taught Mr Tjikaka who is now a gunsmith of choice in Maun.
Authorities recovered firearms and explosives in a gunsmith shop of Islamic State-Inspired militants in President Qurino town on Tuesday.
Apparently, some gunsmith in the past didn't quite grasp the concept of the 8mm-06 modification.
Founded by acclaimed gunsmith Rob Schauland, ACW has long been known for handcrafted pistols featuring high-end, custom-crafted elements.
It may well be that you will have to have a gunsmith drill out and line the existing barrel or turn a new barrel from a blank or from a older used barrel from another rifle.
Resident gunsmith Gary Howard-Beard was kept busy doing the best he could to rectify as many problems as possible.
The most frequent use of a chamber cast by a gunsmith is to determine the caliber or chambering of a firearm.
Originally, the term "National Match" signified a gun that had been tuned for competition, with the finest components that were hand-fitted by a qualified gunsmith. But over time, various component 1911 parts were labeled as "National Match" or "match-grade" and they varied in quality by manufacturer.
I would encourage you to check it closely with a magnifying glass and then possibly have a gunsmith recrown the rifle.
The gunsmith department at Carl Jarl Group is available to answer questions and to demonstrate how to properly care for a weapon.
Within a few weeks, the craftsmen in the Air Force's only gunsmith shop can produce a weapon from that original collection of steel components.