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Synonyms for gunshot

the act of shooting a gun

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He ran the harder, and in a few seconds would have been out of gunshot.
A party of them came on first, and viewed our posture, traversing the ground in the front of our line; and, as we found them within gunshot, our leader ordered the two wings to advance swiftly, and give them a salvo on each wing with their shot, which was done.
Calling one of his lieutenants, he was on the point of ordering a reconnaissance, when gunshots were heard.
He had heard several distant gunshots, but that sort of thing was not uncommon, and they had made no impression upon him.
Then evening comes and the children call, and the buffaloes lumber up out of the sticky mud with noises like gunshots going off one after the other, and they all string across the gray plain back to the twinkling village lights.
when a gunshot was fired from a distance, a report from the Quezon police said.
OKARA -- Two brothers were gunned down and another got gunshot wounds when rivals attacked them here Wednesday morning.
A man and a woman who died from gunshot wounds in Lake Forest this week had been in a relationship that ended last fall, authorities said in a news release Thursday.
The LNP had earlier in its initial investigative ballistic test report of residue released on 16 November ruled out the possibility of gunshot hitting the vehicle.
The ShotSpotter equipment picks up gunshot sounds and relays the data as an alert to the company's headquarters in Newark, Calif.
11,12] A previous descriptive study conducted in SA by Le Roux and Dunn [11] found that gunshot injuries resulted in poor neurological recovery, a substantial proportion of injured individuals with associated injuries, and a few in-hospital deaths.
This study was aimed to evaluate the status of total oxidant, antioxidant capacity and DNA damage caused by gunshot for wild falcons.
Objective: To assesses the pattern of maxillofacial gunshot and blast injuries amongst law enforcing forces personnel.
Published in June in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the study examined trauma data from the Denver Health Medical Center between 2000 and 2013, during which time nearly 1,700 people were admitted with gunshot injuries.
His specialty is gunshot acoustics, and he's helping shore up the science behind a relatively new forensics field.