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The gunroom has a distinct sporting feel with decor and furnishings to match the country house feel of the sport.
Lawrence Cronin, surgeon's mate from Belfast, climbed onto the gunroom table, and "desired all the people to be assembled around the Sky Lights":
The tours will cover areas usually closed to the public, including the stables, the gunroom, the old slaughterhouse, haylofts and attics.
By four o'clock the decks were cleared for action; the crew "knocked down the cabbins & gunroom, bulkhead and the sail cabbin between decks to augment the ships sailing and hove them all overboard" (ADM 52/3631).
Corrigan is monitoring the pre-film buzz in Internet chat rooms such as the Searoom, where members are identified not by addresses, but by their latitude and longitude, and also at the Gunroom (www .
The first floor gunroom, social hall, and museum floor will be converted to the main dining room, while the mezzanine will be used for cocktails and dining overlooking the space below.
In a book called Murder in the Gunroom (New York: Alfred A.
from the King of Saudi Arabia" and found in Uday's opulent gunroom, was pictured in the Mirror earlier this week.
The Orvis Flagship Store also has a private gunroom selling high quality shotguns with gun fittings by expert gunsmiths.
Tranemo Workwear has relocated from its former premises at the Old Gunroom on Blagdon Estate in Northumberland where it had been for the last five years, to a larger site on Easter Park.
On visits to his shop and he to my gunroom, we have looked over each other's "trophy groups.
Brooke's invitation that the Prime Minister should meet the midshipmen in the gunroom was warmly accepted.
Palmer, the senior midshipman, the cream of the College's first term, join Good Hope's gunroom.
This would make a nice decorator item in your gunroom, workshop, saloon or wherever you like to relax and talk guns.
That also caused me to think hard about having such hot loads floating around my gunroom and the havoc they could cause if put into a handgun.