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a fight involving shooting small arms with the intent to kill or frighten

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The game has some decent gunplay and a story arc that could appeal to die-hard fans.
One gunman was killed and a policeman lightly wounded in the gunplay that followed.
Another officer, SHO Malik Saleem, as also injured in the gunplay which started at around 8:pm and was underway till 10:am.
This exquisitely shot action thriller features plenty of exhilarating gunplay. If you can see the original El Mariachi, it will colour in a few grey areas but it's not essential.
"Momma's on a Roll," sung by Lee Ann Womack, has an infectious chorus ("Momma's on a roll, Daddy's looking old ..."), verses full of drunken violence, and even a little stray gunplay. "Sister, Oh Sister," sung by Cash, is a tender hymn to Karr's older sibling who is the real hero of her autobiographical trilogy.
Delirious in tone, and derivative in look and style--think Terrence Malick meets Sam Peckinpah, combined with the gunplay of John Woo's Hong Kong picks and the final shootout from "Bonnie and Clyde"--this big-budget family epic flopped domestically, but could be fun for midnight slots at offshore fests.
When he unleashes the Darkness - the presence that consumes him inside and grants him extraordinarily destructive powers - there are few gaming protagonists that can match his mixture of melee attacks, combined with awesome gunplay.
They are minor niggles but they can be overlooked for the game's inventiveness with the grappling hook, Rico's parachute, gunplay and the good old-fashioned blowing the hell out of everything factor.
SAN FRANCISCO: A "Red Steel 2" sword and gunplay videogame hitting the market on Tuesday pays tribute to the nameless hero carved into film legend by director Sergio Leone.
Two of the "bad" Cyglomites Kairone's bodyguards go around killing off good guys and setting fires and walking calmly away--until they're bested by a petite female neurosurgeon and then there are mad chase scenes gunplay a Jet Ski escape and abandoned vehicles "leaving nothing but fingerprints behind." Yet the men are never traced despite their alter egos as employees of Onslow's biotech firm.
In particular, the fact of childhood fantasy gunplay has triggered such basic yet complex questions as: Should we allow our children to play with manufactured toy guns?
Another issue is that the action sequences repeat each other often.Magic spells, however, produce a more exhilarating effect than the predictable gunplay. It's too bad the huge and detailed environments are as linear as they are.
This was especially likely if someone popular had been killed in the gunplay, but the haste with which two killers were hanged simultaneously from the same short length of rope was later judged to be a little extreme.
It is a place so violent that the Taliban imitators of the Islamic Courts, with their brutal ''justice,'' were still seen as vastly preferable to the khat-fueled warlord gunplay that made a misery of life in Mogadishu for more than a decade previous.
In the role of the unwelcome stranger, Chris Waters makes up for a slow start by stoking up the fear factor with some fancy gunplay in the second act.