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coarse jute fabric


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Farmers brought their fruit in bushels and hauled it away days later in gunnysacks.
A white fungus like layer has formed upon the gunnysacks and due to the rains, they have been rendered useless and inedible.
Meanwhile, rejecting investigation and autopsy reports in the suo moto case about frequent recovery and dumping of bodies in gunnysacks in and around Peshwar and its adjoining districts, the Peshawar High Court (PHC) has warned the federal and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governments to ensure an immediate end to the practice or else the court would be compelled to issue orders that might result in the fall of these governments.
We'd gather our bows on a summer evening, along with a couple old gunnysacks, and go frog'n.
The police said two trussed dead bodies stuffed in the gunnysacks were found lying near Baloch Hotel turn located in Hassan Squire's Liaquatabad area.
We brought the two little squealing piglets to their home in the back of my husband's work truck via two very loud gunnysacks.
As the guru of the free kids' activities, it was her job to secure and find freezers for 500 popsicles, handed out freely to the youngsters who participate in the events; gunnysacks for the sack races, and 120 eggs for the egg toss.
We traversed the entire backyard, picking up five or six hundred large walnut seeds and stuffing them into gunnysacks.
Gather supplies for games: rubber ducks, gunnysacks, cloth strips for three-legged race.