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coarse jute fabric


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At the auction, there was very nice farm equipment, but I bought cloth gunnysacks, horse harness, two big steel wheels and 30 4-inch wood posts.
As a matter of fact, I used it to take the picture of the blue Brownell's Torque Wrench in one of the other GunnySacks in this very issue.
Sugar, coffee, tapioca and rice had to be packed in gunnysacks imported from British India.
At this time, I usually pick out a good selection of roots from each variety I intend to save seed from for the following year (about two dozen in order to maintain genetic viability), label and store them separately in gunnysacks of sawdust or chipped leaves.
The man in turn tells his wile how many gunnysacks of each type of corn seed that he will need to plant his fields, and she prepares them.
Graciously the driver stopped and offered us a ride in the tarp-covered rear, which was piled high with gunnysacks stuffed with fish meal, or so we inferred from the overpowering stench that assaulted our nostrils.
We traversed the entire backyard, picking up five or six hundred large walnut seeds and stuffing them into gunnysacks.
Gather supplies for games: rubber ducks, gunnysacks, cloth strips for three-legged race.
Often barely visible in the semi-darkness, shafts of dusty light illuminate gunnysacks filled with rose petals, baskets of orange blossoms and numerous jars of herbs and spices.
I can't do it," he said, furrowing his small brow as several children bounded past him, hopping gamely in their gunnysacks.
Containing thousands of kilograms of wheat and peas, hundreds of gunnysacks had arrived at the station from Punjab and Haryana.
My first significant innovation was making a tractor seat cushion from gunnysacks.
First off, the men would load two dust-covered Ford pickups with gunnysacks and children and take off for the fields.
Some of the uses I have put them to are: Homemade gunnysacks as gifts to friends that hunt; sand bags for erosion control; rucksack organizers--both full sized and sewn smaller for trash bags and lawn pickup prior to mowing; as a large dog chew toy--cut at the seam and knotted repeatedly; a collection container for acorn harvesting; whelping pen liner; camping pillow--fill with leaf litter at the campsite; and as a pet pillow--fill with cedar chips and eucalyptus chips for flea/tick deterrence.
Farmers brought their fruit in bushels and hauled it away days later in gunnysacks.