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a bag made of burlap

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There will also be team games such as, hay-bale stacking, scoop-shovel race, blindfolded wheelbarrow race and gunnysack race.
And they tied the gunnysack to an old model A Ford and they drove up and down the main street.
When Franklin declines, the Hitchhiker takes a stash of flash-powder out of his gunnysack and sets Franklin's image on fire.
Illuminated by dangling bulbs and looking like ice stubbornly refusing to melt, the crystal pots faced off with Prairie Dress, 1996-2006, a gunnysack made of deep-red velvet.
In the final year of the occupation, many people had to wear these makeshift gunnysack clothes.
Its leadership seizes on counterterrorism, that most convenient of rationales for role these days, which brings with it a bulging gunnysack of helpful measures.
Once you've punched in the "holster" search on the internet, or discovered the postman has left a gunnysack full of holster catalogs on your front porch, you'll quickly find out just how many "perfect" concealed carry scabbards there are on the market.
The guides gave us our gear--a watertight gunnysack, a tent, and an old, leakproof army ammo can--which we packed.
Reginna Zhidov of Gunnysack and Silk Designs suggests little touches to bring in the bright colors: Pile bowls with oranges and apples, fill vases with spring blooms, paint a wall a bright color or change your toss pillows to suit the season.
The redbones sniff their way to the gunnysack. "We've found the dog," the square-headed deputy shouts.
Masseur is murdered and his body is found, with his head severed, in a gunnysack on the street.
Bill made sure no celluloid pirates could steal closeups of the lone navigator at sea: Over his head and shoulders he wore a gunnysack pierced with eye holes.
In the next frame, Squeekie Burroughs Asleep, the baby lies under a gunnysack, on the floor, only a fist and the legs visible, one foot bandaged.
If memory serves, there wasn't a limit, so you filled a gunnysack. Then, after cleaning and fileting, you'd run the filets through seasoned flour and fry 'em.