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a bag made of burlap

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put the old man in a gunnysack, and they tied that gunnysack to the back of a car.
Illuminated by dangling bulbs and looking like ice stubbornly refusing to melt, the crystal pots faced off with Prairie Dress, 1996-2006, a gunnysack made of deep-red velvet.
Once you've punched in the "holster" search on the internet, or discovered the postman has left a gunnysack full of holster catalogs on your front porch, you'll quickly find out just how many "perfect" concealed carry scabbards there are on the market.
Reginna Zhidov of Gunnysack and Silk Designs suggests little touches to bring in the bright colors: Pile bowls with oranges and apples, fill vases with spring blooms, paint a wall a bright color or change your toss pillows to suit the season.
Bill made sure no celluloid pirates could steal closeups of the lone navigator at sea: Over his head and shoulders he wore a gunnysack pierced with eye holes.
Church picnics held on some farmer's land were complete with gunnysack three-legged races, pie-eating contests, dunking for apples in a barrel, and bingo games.
My goodness, everything round is an egg," a young woman said loudly, and took a small pumpkin out of a gunnysack.
Five-year-old Chase Sanders stood waist deep in a gunnysack, his lower lip trembling and his eyes teary with despair.
These frog hunts were conducted with spotlights and a gunnysack to hold our quarry and, unless a deep-water floater was spotted requiring a bow reel and line, unencumbered arrows.
Foot races, bicycle competitions, gunnysack races, shoe scrambles, egg races and much more.
That's exactly what Zhidov, now 36, does in her year-old downtown Palmetto business, Gunnysack and Silk Designs.
Maybe some jigs (artificial bait) and a gunnysack (to hold the fish).
The black-and-white film footage was especially stirring, with its imagery of Ontani hopping around in a sort of gunnysack dress and sporting an umbrella (Saccombrello, 1970); rolling eggs over his nude body, occasionally letting them break (MontOvolo, 1969); covering himself in dirty roof tiles, which conjured up a weird kind of armor or male many-breastedness (Tetto, 1969).
Another body wrapped up in a gunnysack was recovered from a rubbish spot near FTC Bridge.
After the 9-1/2-pound, 28-inch salmon was placed in my gunnysack, the high-fives from the other anglers grounded me.