gunny sack

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a bag made of burlap

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First, she thought of "typical picnic games," such as a gunny sack race and a water balloon toss.
Vassanji's novel The Gunny Sack (1989) provides a starting point; in Desai's text, The Gunny Sack appears in the final chapter.
"Phocion" Howard, who covered the Little Big Horn battle, found the ledger among numerous mailings in a funery Lakota lodge wrapped in a gunny sack. Howard attributed the elaborate compilation of Plains Indian war drawings to Half Moon, a fictive Uncpapa [Hunkpapa] Sioux chief.
Along with that, many a poor man rode a saddle held on the horse with a gunny sack cinch.
probably the most copied and imitated holster in the history of holster making." That Gunny Sack is still in my holster box.
Vassanji (author of The Gunny Sack, The In-Between World of Vikram Lall [see WLT, Sept.
Vassanji (The Gunny Sack 119891), Ahdaf Soueif (The Map of Love [1999]), among others, Marx traces how people help to shape a meritocratic "global civic society" under the highly unstable conditions of what he calls, after Zygmunt Bauman, "liquid modernity" (168,146).
The average price of coal is 3,200-3,400 som per one ton, or 200-250 som per one gunny sack.
The fanny pack holster, such as the DeSantis Gunny Sack, rests in the lap and can be more comfortable on a seated wearer than one standing.
Another body that was packed in a gunny sack was recovered from the Steel Town.
Be sure to give barked squirrels a good thump on a tree truck, Otherwise they might revive In your gunny sack and cause you quite a stir.)
I was looking at your piece on the scale you have on your desk (Gunny Sack, "MTM Mini-Scale," Nov/Dec 2010).
In other words, the gunny sack look is out if you're willing to go SHE.
Aqa Muhammad, 60, was abducted by unidentified gunmen from the Sya Gard area 15 days ago and his dead body was found packed in a gunny sack Saturday evening, police spokesman, Sher Jan Durani, told Pajhwok Afghan News.
Instead of Thai rice from a gunny sack, now you buy branded Thai rice packed in polythene bags for a higher price.