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HELLO BALDY: As part of a forfeit, a bald stranger has to be persuaded to have his head rubbed; PARTY ANIMALS: The hen night posse don false boobs as they whoop it up in a nightclub; THE ODD COUPLE: Lindsay and Chris sneak a kiss after being covered in foul-smelling gunk during the strange Blackening ordeal
If nothing comes out when you open the valve, chances are the V15 valve is clogged, which backs up more water and gunk.
Pressurized water gets rid of most of it, but a little elbow grease may be needed to get all the gunk out from around the air lines.
The makers of Gunk engine cleaner reckon a clean under-bonnet scene, using a pounds 4 tin of Gunk, can add pounds 150 to the value of a used car.
Gunk and crud build up on the inside of the cylinder head, and every so often, a piece of that crud breaks free, flows "downstream" with the return oil and gets stuck in one of the drain holes.
So wipe that gunk mustache off the cylinder's grease fitting before you start the lube job.
PARATY, Brazil -- Hundreds of revelers wrestled, tackled each other and threw chunks of gunk while shaking it to samba and reggaeton Saturday at a Carnival beach party where clothes were optional but mud was not.
Visits to hundreds of food outlets across the capital revealed the majority had no system for dealing with excess gunk, Thames Water found.
Anaxagoras is thus "the first gunk lover in the history of metaphysics.
After several months, a green gunk begins to form where the brass cartridge cases touch the new leather.
There will be a vintage fairground ride, a velcro wall, gunk machines and pop music throughout.
Shell V-Power Unleaded is an innovative new premium formulation designed to protect car engines against gunk and corrosion.
The watery gunk at the bottom of a bagged salad mix is the perfect breeding ground for Salmonella bacteria that could make people sick, researchers report online November 18 in Applied and Environmental Microbiology.
But, with an EDT treatment, everything - all of the gunk - will be removed.
This is why Shell created the Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels, designed to help motorists win against performance-robbing threats, gunk and corrosion.