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Designated as the service's first official rifle combat optic, the gun-sight allows Marines to identify multiple targets faster, he says.
Embassy were in the cross-hairs of a gun-sight. A correspondent in the Balkans for the liberal Novaya Gazeta admitted that he dreamed of the Russian Black Sea Fleet sailing to the Adriatic, even though he acknowledged that this would mean war.
Elegance and SE versions get extra chrome grille bars and the usual gun-sight three-pointed star on the bonnet, while Sport models have bigger - and fewer - grille slats, a huge star on the grille and optional AMG body kits and wheels.
It's not just the scene of police in armoured vehicles, dressed in battle fatigues, military issue helmets and gas masks staring down demonstrators through the gun-sights of their high-powered weapons.
And after the highly publicised failures of organisations like HMRC, even the smallest organisation is now potentially in the gun-sights of the Information Commissioner.
Six months ago I was writing an article on electronic optical gun-sights, visible lasers, weaponlights and IR aiming and illumination units for military rifles, and predicting some smart outfit was going to combine these goodies into one neatly integrated system with shared ergonomic controls.
New depths were reached recently when Sierra Stiles, a girl of 8, killed a black bear that had the ill fortune to come into the child's gun-sights on the first day of the state's hunting season.
But a catch 22 will mean they continue to be in gun-sights throughout the year.