gun muzzle

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the open circular discharging end of a gun


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It can be a bit unnerving to find you are involuntarily inspecting a gun muzzle.
The gun muzzle was placed about an inch from my right eye.
To date, Benet researchers have learned that a gun muzzle blast can be modeled using the CFD and visualization software.
If the Ahead system is adopted, it would be possible to track a target, compute the time taken to reach a point in front of it and programme that data into the projectile's time fuze as it passes through the gun muzzle.
Mr Gardner, of Wirral, shouted a warning but was shot twice while the gun muzzle was three inches from his chest, said Mr Wide.
In June 1995, Pte McGregor, 18, from Arbroath, was sitting in a troop carrier in Northumberland with his chin on his gun muzzle when it went off.
The actor's face was bruised and scraped slightly around his right eye and his nose, where he said the suspects pushed a gun muzzle into his face.
Precision aiming uses gun muzzle position sensors, advanced fire control algorithms, and plasma ignition to virtually eliminate gun pointing error.
The gun muzzle tends to cover the private parts and the femoral artery.
Pagdilao said that the traditional gun muzzle taping serves as a strong message to all gun owners, especially policemen and soldiers who are the primary enforcers of the law, to refrain from firing their guns and help prevent casualties and injuries during the revelry of the yuletide.
Also, since such handling is likely a stopgap, last-minute action, gun muzzle and finger discipline can suffer.
The golden rule, of course, is to never let your gun muzzle point toward anything you don't intend to shoot.
The "missiles" they saw near Kandahar were gun muzzle flashes from end of Ramadan celebrations.
When the grip is depressed, the spring pops the gun muzzle through the front of the holster, bringing it up into action much faster than a conventional draw.