gun emplacement

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an emplacement for a gun

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I carefully raised my head and considered throwing a grenade at the gun emplacement that I had spotted behind a massive log.
Engineers would accompany them to destroy any machine gun emplacements with explosives.
My 37mm gun emplacement, 3rd Platoon, F Battery, 206th Coast Artillery, was on "Suicide Hill" a few hundred yards from the airfield.
A parapet surrounds the concrete platform while probable gun emplacement sites were noted at the sides of the building.
On July 21, 1944, he was wounded in action while leading a rifle squad assault on a Japanese machine gun emplacement on Guam.
A 90,000-pound concrete base, a 70,000-pound slide, a 38,500-pound yoke and other parts have been assembled in order to create a safe and appropriate gun emplacement for the historic barrel.
In the image there is a 'diamond' shape, which potentially could be a Scottish gun emplacement.
It could be the Morgan who is commemorated on the walls of Chester with Morgan's Mount, a gun emplacement named after either Captain William Morgan or his son, Edward.
Another "delightful" wartime pastime was watching the Spit-fires coming from Fort Dunlop and being delivered to the various aerodromes, as well as listening to "Big Bertha", the gun emplacement near to Castle Bromwich airfield firing at the Jerry planes, and dodging the bullets and tracer shells as the German planes attacked.
I later joined the Home Guard, transferred from the 25 Battalion (Infantry) to the gun emplacement at Bradley and was later called up in the Navy, then transferred to the Army, shipped out to India and Burma and finished up at the North West Frontier.
I, along with my friend Burnice Blackstock, raced from one gun emplacement to the next.
The structure, overall shape and the bizarre geometry of the windows bring to mind either a doll's house or the outcome of an architectural student's failed first attempt, with brutal lines reminiscent of a concrete Channel Island gun emplacement.
Modern times have brought different kinds of threats--the site was used as gun emplacement during Cambodia's prolonged civil war and the surrounding area extensively landmined.
AMESSAGE on a World War Two gun emplacement has set the fur flying in a Northumberland town.
He also saw the bodies of dozens of British soldiers piled up against a concrete gun emplacement near Sword beach, including a Lance Corporal who stood out because of the newly-whitened chevrons on his shoulder.