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(especially boxing) equipment that protects an athlete's mouth

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When I smile the other guy will see it and be intimidated - and that's before I hurt him which I will do with every I've had gumshield specially punch.
Selby hauled himself back level in the second but continually lost his gumshield in the decider, prompting Turkish referee Yasar Cinar to twice deduct points.
LIAM Lillystone bit down on his gumshield to claim a courageous win and with it the Best Boxer and Best Junior trophy on East Middlesbrough ABC's show at Brambles Farm Social Club.
MIKE Tyson thinks Luis Suarez should be banned for 12 months and have to wear a gumshield for life.
Having been a hockey player shinpads and gumshield were also a must on that list, but at no point did I ever get to the end of the list and think I've forgotten something essential .
Jump jockeys get teeth knocked out and what have you, and I am going to be sorting myself out with a decent gumshield, although that would not help if I got a hoof or a knee in the mouth.
Within a year, Thompson was beginning to get itchy feet and after consulting further medical opinion he was cleared to dig out the gumshield again.
The career of the 27-year-old from Turin has been re-ignited by using a gumshield to ease a tendon problem in his left wrist.
Anyone interested in taking part will need a gumshield (essential), rugby boots or trainers, waterproofs and warm clothes and a packed lunch (including lots of water).
Ameobi is booked in for a hip operation at the end of May and the bone he fractured in his mouth ( forcing him to wear a gumshield in the last few games of the campaign ( should be healed in time for Newcastle's first game in the Intertoto Cup in mid-July.
Cameron suffered from a similar complaint but a French specialist solved it when he realised his jaw was out of line and prescribed a gumshield.
BEING injured as a result of losing a GUMSHIELD ranks near the top in the long list of the bizarre football injuries.
Cameron, meanwhile, concedes his Euro 2004 hopes with Scotland are resting on a new gumshield.
Lonely Frank, 41, who is convinced he is going to make a comeback, wore a gumshield - something fighters usually only do in the ring - as he trundled through the countryside for seven miles.