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Synonyms for gummy

Synonyms for gummy

having the property of adhering

Synonyms for gummy

having the sticky properties of an adhesive

covered with adhesive gum


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Nature's Dynamics[TM] is the global leader in cutting edge delivery systems of whole food gummy supplements for consumers.
MK-7 Gummies deliver 45 meg vitamin K2 MK-7 (menaquinone-7) per gummy.
He took out a plastic bag inside in which we found the hashish-laced gummy bears.
Under the five-year supply agreement, Perrigo is granted the exclusivity to a full line of store brand gummy vitamin, mineral, and supplement products using Ferrara's gummy technology and manufacturing capabilities.
Results: Significant increase in biliary content and fecal excretion of bile acids was observed in rats fed for 21 days on cholesterol-supplemented and cholesterol-unsupplemented diets containing 6%, 12%, and 18% water-soluble gummy fibers, but 2.
Helfand sells several of the 27-pound gummy bears every month.
The company sold its first gummy bear in 1922, the design based on the dancing bears that performed on European markets and fairgrounds until the 19th century.
The popular, pink gummy sweets have universal appeal, and along with the original Eric sweets, Eric & Friends and new Fizzy Trunks are available to enjoy as well.
True to its name, the certified gluten-free gummy candy is free of artificial flavoring or coloring, corn syrups and preservatives.
She likes gummy bears, so I bought her a five-pound gummy bear
London, September 30 ( ANI ): Researchers have revealed that two simple injections into the so-called Elvis Presley muscle, which causes the gummy smile in adults, can help them smile along with the rest of the world.
2 Gummy smile is defined as the exposure of excessive gingival tissue in maxilla.
Their principals are all well-established enterprises based in Europe with extensive experience in packaging material for licorice and marshmallow, cup jelly and gummy jelly, juice and mineral water, chocolates biscuits, wafers and layer cake, potato chips, extruded and expanded snacks.
There are two packs - Multivitamin Gummy Bears and Omega 3 + Vitamin Gummy Sharks.
A group of 10 of us headed down to celebrate the birthday of our friend Gummy, a refugee from God's Own County currently living in that genteel city by the Thames.