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tropical American tree yielding a reddish resin used in cements and varnishes

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Nelson had chopped down a trio of gumbo-limbos that choked the telephone lines.
Testing the jungle salve begins with testing its primary ingredient, raw red gumbo-limbo bark salve from Belize, to make sure it is not contaminated.
In South Florida, gardeners could start by planting a geiger tree (hummingbirds like its orange flowers) or a gumbo-limbo (its fruit appeals to vireos).
Four more accessible trails (all under 3/4 mile and either boardwalk or asphalt) are named Gumbo-Limbo (into an area of hardwoods reminiscent of the jungles of tropical America), Pinelands (through pine trees with fire-resistant bark), Pahayokee (among cypress trees and endless glades), and West Lake Trail (within a mangrove forest).
Red gumbo-limbo (bursera ximaruba) is one of the most abundant tree species found in Central American forests and, according to Arvigo, one of the most useful.
The trail offers a glimpse of native trees bearing such whimsical names as give-and-take, boy job, poisonwood and gumbo-limbo.
Unfortunately, I didn't know a stopper from a strongback, much less a wild-dilly, myrtle-of-the-river, gumbo-limbo, blolly, or any of a host of equally strangely named trees.
Even celebrities can own celebrity trees: weatherman Willard Scott is the former owner of the national champion gumbo-limbo in Florida, and Clint Eastwood is the proud owner of the bluegum eucalyptus champ (see Register page 14).
The forest-and the Everglades is indeed a rich and unique forest--supported mahogany, seven species of palms, gumbo-limbo, strangler fig, and four species of mangroves.
Drought-resistant native trees like live oak, mahogany, tamarind, and gumbo-limbo will provide shade for the new Habitat neighborhood.