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an elastic material obtained from the latex sap of trees (especially trees of the genera Hevea and Ficus) that can be vulcanized and finished into a variety of products

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Successful nasotracheal intubation with the Pentax-AWS Airwayscope and gum elastic bougie in a patient with recurrent tongue cancer.
Gum elastic bougie-guided insertion of the ProSeal[TM] laryngeal mask airway is superior to the digital and introducer tool techniques.
The drawback of the gum elastic bougie technique is that the device itself has no distal sideports to allow for ventilation.
Gum elastic bougies and Magill forceps are very useful in airway management and decrease the need of elective tracheostomy in oral cancer patients.
[10] Considering all this our technique is failsafe where we were able to pass a small sized, completely deflated LMA through limited mouth opening, using it as a conduit pediatric gum elastic bougie, and over that uncuffed ETT 4.5 was Passed in case of TMJA.
We also take a lead in production of cocoa beans, tropical timber, gum elastic. Kyrgyzstan and Malaysia have big prospects for development of cooperation," the Ambassador of Malaysia said.
We read with great interest the recent letter of Abbas (1) regarding use of a gum elastic bougie (GEB) through Murphy's eye for difficult intubation.
Contract awarded for Nre Clinical Procurement Agreement Short Term (Continuous Suction Equipment, Gum Elastic, Swan Ganz And Percutaneous Introducer)
(3.) Brimacombe J, Keller C, Judd DV Gum elastic bougie-guided insertion of the ProSeal laryngeal mask airway is superior to the digital and introducer tool techniques.
Attempt intubation now with the aid of a gum elastic bougie to guide the tube C.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Gum Elastic Esophagus Dilators To Paediatric Surgery Department Of R.G.S.S.H (Opec) Rims,Rcr
Two attempts at insertion of a gum elastic bougie failed.
stylet, gum elastic bougie or tube exchanger) is to be discouraged unless undertaken by an experienced practitioner in a stable, well-oxygenated and easily ventilated patient because it not only exposes the patient to further risk of hypoxic injury, but it may also contribute to deteriorating conditions by worsening tissue trauma, bleeding and airway oedema.
Insertion techniques were not specified but were recorded and included index and non-index finger techniques (16), use of the PLMA metal introducer (16), 'railroading' over a gum elastic bougie (17) and insertion during jaw thrust with the cuff partially inflated (the technique most commonly used by the four named consultants).