gum acacia

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gum from an acacia tree


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The animals were treated with 3% gum acacia, EEMM or aspirin in the respective groups, 1 h before carrageenan injection.
The stirring of olive oil with water was carried out in a mixer grinder with 1% (w/v) gum acacia to prepare olive oil emulsion.
The concentrated extracts were tested for their antibacterial activities after making their solution in gum acacia. The six bacterial strains used in the antibacterial studies were Bacillus subtilis, Micrococcus luteus, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeuroginosa, and Salmonella chloerasuis.
Gum acacia (babool) or gum acacia, hashab (Arabic), gum arabic tree with botanical name Acacia nilotica of family leguminosae is an important forest tree of Indo-Pak subcontinent.
One group served as control which received 2% gum acacia suspension.
by oral gavage respectively, prepared as fine homogenized suspension in 2% gum acacia, fifth group received a cyclophosphamide (CP) 40mg/kg p.o.
In general, all gum acacia and modified gum acacia emulsifiers were superior in stability to modified starches at both temperatures for orange terpene-based beverages.
Stabilizer manufacturer TIC Gums has been given FDA GRAS status for its line of modified gum acacia emulsifiers.
When AIT was microencapsulated in gum acacia and lyophilized, the odorless powder was less effective than AIT (oil) or the NDH mustard flour.
Addition of polymeric carbohydrates (sucrose, corn starch, gum acacia and pectins) significantly improved foaming properties of the protein concentrates but the foam stabilities were not significantly affected.
The test drug NR-ANX-C and scopolamine (as butyl bromide, German Remedies Ltd., Mumbai), were suspended in 1 per cent gum acacia solution (vehicle).
Gum arabic or gum acacia is usually obtained from Acacia senegal, a tree found in Sudan, Senegal, Mall and Nigeria.
But as good as fat replacers like gum acacia, carrageenan and xanthan have become at simulating the texture and flavor of fat, they can't totally replace fat in foods, Ward says.