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Synonyms for gulping

the drinking of large mouthfuls rapidly

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This rather delicate predator turns out to have a unique jaw structure for high-speed gulping, thus minimizing time in a risky ant nest, say Nate J.
Moreover, vibrant single-serve plastic packaging, a resealable cap, an easy fit into car cupholders and a wide-mouth bottle for gulping, all mark Nesquik's convenience.
Gastroenterologist Patricia Raymond said that gulping air while gulping down your food is the most common cause of bloating.
Morgan Rusler, deliberately gulping certain lines to make them unintelligible, is a scream as grumpy Mr.
Gulping for air," she writes of the moment Bill coughed about Monica.
To make it more difficult for volunteers to guess whether they were getting melatonin, they all took a placebo capsule a few hours before gulping down their assigned treatments.
Kobayashi, a six-time frankfurter-eating champion, will have to face a major challenge of gulping down fruitcakes when he tries to beat current record-holder Sonya Thomas, who devoured four pounds and 14.