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Synonyms for gulp

Synonyms for gulp

to swallow (food or drink) greedily or rapidly in large amounts

an act of swallowing

Synonyms for gulp

a large and hurried swallow

to swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one draught


Related Words

utter or make a noise, as when swallowing too quickly

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Caption: Gulp! Shrimp was an easy sell for this flats-cruising redfish.
Nominated pupils and staff from schools across the borough have received GULP training as part of their Change4Life Champions training.
"Gulp!, on the other hand, excels at dispersing its potent attractants when exposed to water.
The Super Big Gulp (44 oz.) appeared in 1986; the Double Gulp (64 oz.) in 1989; the X-Treme Gulp (52 oz.) in 2001; and finally, in 2006, came the Team Gulp.
Hot Gulp recently secured funding from Channel 4 to develop their sitcom ideas.
Last month Hot Gulp were runners-up in the best sitcom category at Cofilmic - a comedy film festival that exclusively screens sketch, sitcom and short film, held at the Comedy Store in Manchester.
My personal spouse says that, in this department, Gulp takes the cake." ADAM WOOG
Gulp''s musical journey stemmed from Guto and Lindsey''s travels through the Scottish Highlands, Wild West Wales and the Californian Desert.
The whale then expels the water through its baleen plates and gulps the morsels left behind.
If Ozzy can bite the head off a bird, imagine what he could do to Luke, gulp!Kelly went into Twitter over-drive ranting at one hater: "So what your saying is that I'm ugly so it was OK for him to cheat go f*** yourself!!!!!
The GULP charity squad put up a brave display against the Sports Argus charity darts squad with plenty of high scoring at the Ravenscroft Club.
Simple and straightforward yet deadly, it takes the success many of us have enjoyed tipping jigs with twistertails a step or two further, replacing livebait in split-shot and bottom-bouncer rigs with a softbait twistertail--Berkley's 3-inch Gulp! Jigging Grub.
The Clip & Go bottle features a carabineer clip and capacity markings, and the Sip & Gulp Smoothie, designed for smoothies and other drinks, features both a straw hole and a larger "gulp" opening.