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Synonyms for gull

a person who is easily deceived or victimized

to get money or something else from by deceitful trickery

Synonyms for gull

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Ellen Ilconich, who lives in Marleton, New Jersey, had a sea gull hover over her sandwich and pluck out the deli meat inside.
The team's simple experiment involved placing a bag of chips on the ground and testing how long it took herring gulls to approach when someone was watching them.
But some ornithologists say a large gull is capable of swallowing a small mammal whole, or could tear it apart.
THE council has issued guidelines on how to deal with gulls - as the number of problems reported relating to the birds soars.
It was hoped that the demolition of one of the key buildings they were nesting on might have had an impact but it has been found instead that the colony"continues to increase"and gulls were actually found"nesting on the ground among the rubble."
In summer the black-headed gull is actually a chocolate-brown-headed gull, although from a distance it might look black, I suppose.
The RSPCA said Jones' reaction "shocked by-standers, including children" as witnesses observed him catch the gull by the leg and smash the bird into a wall, killing it.
Jones, from Ely, Cardiff, reacted by catching the gull by its leg and smashing it into a wall during the incident on July 17 last year, which was witnessed by members of the public, including children.
And it appeared to me the vast majority of the bird table food was grabbed by herring gulls.
Officers then transferred the gull to a local specialist bird hospital for care and rehabilitation.
British Police were searching Salman Gull from August under for allegedly possessing illegal weapons.
LITTLE Explorers nursery, located near the Metropolitan Cathedral, has, like many years before, numerous herring gulls looking for somewhere to nest.
The nomination of Ghazanfar Gull is being considered a breakthrough in the local political scene as the family had earlier been divided over fielding Mr Gull as a candidate.
That means humans can unwittingly provoke gull parents who are passionately protecting their chicks.