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the Babylonian goddess of healing and consort of Ninurta

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eating to excess (personified as one of the deadly sins)

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Stanczykiewicz was pleased to see Gula come up big in the final quarter.
One way the state can do that, Gula said, is by actually becoming customers of the state's startups.
"Musselwhite is not very deep but the ore body plunges away from the portal," said Gula. "We're not a shaft mine."
Afghanistan's ambassador to India Shaida Abdali said on Twitter, "The Iconic Afghan Sharbat Gula will soon be in India for medical treatment free of cost."
Gula, 44, had fled from Afghanistan in the mid-1980s as a young girl as a result of the war.
Pakistan security officials escorted Gula overnight from a Peshawar hospital, where she had been staying since her arrest last month for living illegally in Pakistan, and handed her over to Afghan authorities at the Torkham border.
Amnesty International has condemned Pakistan's decision to deport Sharbat Gula, the iconic 'Afghan girl' whose striking portrait adorned a 1985 cover of National Geographic magazine.
Sharbat Gula was taken into custody on charges of falsifying her identity.The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Peshawar arrested Gula on Wednesday after a two-year investigation of her and her husband.
Instead of the popular RM80 million brand 'Gula Prai', the production at the MSM Sugar Refinery (Johor) (MSM Johor) will be branded as 'Gula Johor', taking after the name of the state.
BDI leader Ali Ahmeti Monday met with the Ambassador of Hungary to Macedonia Jozsef Bencze and his Deputy Gula Somogyi, informed from BDI.
"What this tells me is that while security innovations solve specific new challenges, practitioners are struggling to effectively deploy an overarching security strategy without gaps between defenses," Ron Gula, CEO for Tenable Network Security, said.
Denise Gula, Choreographer and Artistic Director of Ohio Dance Theatre decided to create the ballet because of personal experience witnessing the challenges of her own family as they struggle with the long term effects of PTSD and TBI.
Jodie Louise Jackson, 20, of Llandrillo, Corwen, assisted Julius Hecko, 24, after he "kicked and stamped" to death 42-yearold Branislav Gula in Bala.
"Protecting your business from something like Shellshock means staying ahead of the people who mean you harm," said Ron Gula, CEO at Tenable.
Analisis Tren Produksi dan Impor Gula serta Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Impor Gula Indonesia.