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a plectrum used to pluck a guitar

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Kristian Bush of the country music band Sugarland sent Wyatt a card and a guitar pick.
According to the official Twitter account of the former Beatle, The Beatles legend dropped a personal guitar pick on the late musician's grave and said it was "so Elvis can play in heaven", the New York Daily News reported.
Vishnu said it was a fantastic moment as Bryan adams gave me his guitar Pick as a gift!
11, fans can enter for the chance to win the buckle, which features a black guitar pick set in silver featuring clear stones and a rope-patterned edge.
The Silver Leaf Award was awarded for Coty's new Southern Blend by Tim McGraw fragrance, decorated with a custom-designed gold foil-embossed guitar pick and an overall embossed cork pattern; and the Bronze Leaf Award recognized U.S.
Comedy, starring Jack Black and Kyle Gass as would-be rock stars in search of a magical guitar pick that will turn them into legends.
They then learn of a magical guitar pick that could inspire the masterpiece they yearn to create, at which point the action kicks into a caper mode as they steal the pick from a rock museum.
The company's Floss 'n Toss flossers are individually wrapped and smaller than a guitar pick, so that they fit easily in wallets or purses, notes Antler.
People's sibling In Style breathlessly reported that Kate Hudson was snapping up '80s inspired guitar pick earrings, which feature song titles such as "Lucky Star" and "Call Me" imprinted on hideously mismatching bright pink and orange picks.
A 17-year-old boy came to the clinic with dysphagia that had been caused by an accidental ingestion of a guitar pick the day before.
Onstage Beatles Edition is Windows PC-based software that makes use of a V-Pick virtual instrument - picture an oversized guitar pick - to 'virtually' play the guitar or bass part from 25 songs popularised by The Beatles.
Comparisons were made between different manufacturers' guitar strings with the strings being excited magnetically as well as with the us ual guitar pick. They were also compared with the sound they produced on a guitar to examine the effects of the guitar body on the frequency spectrum.
The pendant, roughly the size and shape of a guitar pick, includes a carefully fashioned hole through which it may have been strung, say archaeologist Nicky Milner of the University of York in England and her colleagues.
Business Manager Paul Wykes had the idea after he bought his son a guitar pick maker for Christmas in 2012.