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a plectrum used to pluck a guitar

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People's sibling In Style breathlessly reported that Kate Hudson was snapping up '80s inspired guitar pick earrings, which feature song titles such as "Lucky Star" and "Call Me" imprinted on hideously mismatching bright pink and orange picks.
A 17-year-old boy came to the clinic with dysphagia that had been caused by an accidental ingestion of a guitar pick the day before.
Onstage Beatles Edition is Windows PC-based software that makes use of a V-Pick virtual instrument - picture an oversized guitar pick - to 'virtually' play the guitar or bass part from 25 songs popularised by The Beatles.
Comparisons were made between different manufacturers' guitar strings with the strings being excited magnetically as well as with the us ual guitar pick.
While Farah's fingers dance like BBs on a snare drum, Strunz's guitar pick moves among the strings with the speed of a woodpecker's beak.
During the event, SRS hosted a contest where celebrities had a chance to blindly select the one red guitar pick from a bowl of black picks for a chance to win and donate an SRS-equipped 3DTV to the charity or organization of their choice.
The pendant, roughly the size and shape of a guitar pick, includes a carefully fashioned hole through which it may have been strung, say archaeologist Nicky Milner of the University of York in England and her colleagues.
James's prize is a bag of sixpences, a coin May uses instead of a guitar pick.
Business Manager Paul Wykes had the idea after he bought his son a guitar pick maker for Christmas in 2012.
Would-be rock stars search for a magical guitar pick that will turn them into legends.
They break into the Rock and Roll History Museum to steal the guitar pick of destiny.
And maybe they have been, because Huckabay has been known to use a meteorite as a guitar pick.
Now there is a pick that combines a comfortable and size adjustable finger pick attachment with a flat pick so the 1 piece nylon guitar pick attaches to the index finger on the picking hand and stays in the proper picking position at all times (Patent pending).
Our prize package includes Greatest Hits CD, Bon Jovi T-shirt and hoodie, Guitar Pick Set, Slippery When Wet Special Edition CD, The Circle limited edition gold framed record, VIP Tickets in Diamond Circle, entry to pre-show party, reserved bar and more.
A bizarre attachment to the toy though is a guitar pick, with the lyrics from Stewart's latest solo song, 'Let's Do It Again', scrawled on it.