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a plectrum used to pluck a guitar

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The development of online commerce has allowed us to sell stone guitar picks in many different countries.
Business Manager Paul Wykes had the idea after he bought his son a guitar pick maker for Christmas in 2012.
After overnight success eludes them, the pair go in search of a magical guitar pick which will transform them into rock gods.
The pair are seen teaming up, but they need a magical guitar pick to turn them into musical gods.
will be putting a free Kradl guitar pick (which Denis Endorses) in each CD.
AS palm trees sway at dusk just outside his recording studio, Jeff ``Skunk'' Baxter leaned on a 44-input mixing console and considered throwing his guitar pick into the ring.
Peppered throughout these 14 tracks are gems like ``Faith in You,'' which suggests Sweet could revisit his previous poptastic glory at the drop of a guitar pick despite the ambitious Phil Spector-ish wall-of-sound production that dominates ``In Reverse.
The man's solution was Carpenter's 'Tric Pick, a guitar pick containing a light-emitting diode and a tiny battery.
Designed to look like an oversized guitar pick that can be strummed against any hard surface (tennis racket, baseball bat, tabletop, etc), this Virtual Pick game controller picks up the resistance and, through patented internal switching technology, translates the signal into guitar sounds that are played back by the computer.
New VPick looks like an oversized guitar pick, attaches via cable directly to the serial or printer port on a multimedia PC or Macintosh computer, and allows interactive rock and roll enthusiasts to play Ahead's award winning virtual music CD-ROM titles "Quest For Fame," "Welcome To West Feedback," and "Welcome To West Feedback -- The Second Set.
It comes with a 36-page book of photographs, notes, a poster and guitar pick.
Each release consists of a limited edition pressing and features a full- colour live performance on every picture disc, together with detailed information on the interview, a colour mini-poster plus a favourite guitar pick.
Would-be rock stars search for a magical guitar pick that will turn them into legends.
They break into the Rock and Roll History Museum to steal the guitar pick of destiny.