guilty conscience

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Synonyms for guilty conscience

remorse caused by feeling responsible for some offense

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As they proceeded, they beheld columns of smoke rising, as before, in various directions, which their guilty consciences now converted into alarm signals, to arouse the country and collect the scattered bands for vengeance.
He is mad--mad with the terrors of a guilty conscience. Every word you have said makes me positively certain that when Anne Catherick left you yesterday you were on the eve of discovering a secret which might have been your vile husband's ruin, and he thinks you HAVE discovered it.
Guilty conscience never declared itself in plainer terms.
She felt it, she knew it: her guilty conscience owned and feared its master in Julian Gray!
"Have you a guilty conscience?" he inquired lightly.
Or perhaps we merely imagined them, under the strain of our guilty consciences."
The king's guilty conscience, thus, could be caught like a fish and used to justify his punishment.
But in a prompt reaction, Governor Ortom denies the allegations made against him, noting that the Presidency came up with the statement troubled by guilty conscience.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 31 (ANI): After Congress' mouthpiece National Herald, in one of its article published on Sunday, referred Bofors as a scam, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) hit back at the former saying that the guilty conscience could not be suppressed for long.
Emmerdale STV Sam has been struggling with a guilty conscience since he helped Alice end her life.
How anybody can damage something as bad as this and not have a guilty conscience I do not know.
'This is the attitude of a guilty conscience,' she added.
He argues that OCPD arises out of the flames of (id) desire that are then cooled by a guilty conscience, demanding the use of defense mechanisms, and while these defense mechanisms reduce anxiety, they do so counterproductively--that is, at an unacceptable cost to functionality.
Now it appears the thief 's guilty conscience got the better of them as the photo was yesterday posted through the pub's letter box - nine days after it was swiped.
However, it turns out the guests do have something in common - they each have a guilty conscience. And before long they are being picked off one by one in a manner very similar to the nursery rhyme 10 Little Soldier Boys that hangs in every room of the house.