guilt trip

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remorse caused by feeling responsible for some offense

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Reed went too far with "a series of mean-spirited criticisms," Marable writes, quoting with disfavor Reed's dismissal of bell hooks and Michael Eric Dyson as "hustlers, blending bombast, cliches, psychobabble, and lame guilt-tripping in service to the `pay-me' principle.
It also made me think about the unstable rules governing discussion, even among casual acquaintances, of everyday conduct in relation to environmental hazards: deciding what to say, when to say it, and at what cost to the codes of courtesy and/or guilt-tripping.
However many fluffhead folk singers and guilt-tripping Hollywood glitterati it may have contained, the CPUSA, they wrote three years later in The Secret World of American Communism, was also "a conspiracy financed by a hostile foreign power that recruited members for clandestine work, developed an elaborate underground apparatus, and used that apparatus to collaborate with espionage services of that power.
Anyway, Jacob starts guilt-tripping and flees, enduring a rough time of it for a while, encountering a guy who scams him into working for him for 14 years gratis, but ends up with the gal of his dreams and scams the scammer out of some livestock.
It was the kind of neurotic guilt-tripping that can make life unbearable.