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remorse caused by feeling responsible for some offense

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The Anti-Defamation League has gotten into the guilt-tripping, urging on its Web site that ``to avoid First Amendment violations,'' public schools not hold Christmas concerts dominated by Christmas songs.
It was the kind of neurotic guilt-tripping that can make life unbearable.
Reed went too far with "a series of mean-spirited criticisms," Marable writes, quoting with disfavor Reed's dismissal of bell hooks and Michael Eric Dyson as "hustlers, blending bombast, cliches, psychobabble, and lame guilt-tripping in service to the `pay-me' principle.
It also made me think about the unstable rules governing discussion, even among casual acquaintances, of everyday conduct in relation to environmental hazards: deciding what to say, when to say it, and at what cost to the codes of courtesy and/or guilt-tripping.
To kvetch is as Jewish as guilt-tripping, gefilte fish, and gloom.
However many fluffhead folk singers and guilt-tripping Hollywood glitterati it may have contained, the CPUSA, they wrote three years later in The Secret World of American Communism, was also "a conspiracy financed by a hostile foreign power that recruited members for clandestine work, developed an elaborate underground apparatus, and used that apparatus to collaborate with espionage services of that power.
Anyway, Jacob starts guilt-tripping and flees, enduring a rough time of it for a while, encountering a guy who scams him into working for him for 14 years gratis, but ends up with the gal of his dreams and scams the scammer out of some livestock.