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remorse caused by feeling responsible for some offense

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Hello there sir, you who have envisioned this 'government guilt trip' do you know how much of tax payers money was just used in giving voters, freebees, free electricity, free housing, free entries into colleges, schools and jobs?
Poughkeepsie, NY, April 20, 2014 --( Most of us like to travel, but nobody likes being taken on a guilt trip.
"When Kris isn't in control she isn't happy and she puts a guilt trip on her daughters, especially Kim right now, that family loyalty comes first!
Each story gives true-life examples of blaming others, guilt trips, self-pity and lying.
On the subject of schools I am one of those working mums who has enough guilt trips about not seeing enough of her children without having time to worry or even give a thought to the PTA.
People who want to see the world without having to endure 'guilt trips' caused by exploiting local cultures, ecosystems and economies.
I find myself checking calories/salt/fat content of even my morning newspaper these days, and I accept that the increasing size and lack of exercise among youngsters is a cause for concern, but I was astonished to discover that the packet of bird seed I bought the other day to encourage feathered friends into my garden, actually bore a bold disc on the front proclaiming 390 calories per 100gms Should I place this information on the bird table so the robins and finches can make their own informed decisions or am I now to have guilt trips every time I stare at them pecking merrily at the seed, in case the poor little blighters get too heavy to soar heavenward
'I don't want guilt trips but to learn to forgive, work in partnership and make sure history never repeats itself again.'
We cannot motivate through guilt trips or requirements.