guilt feelings

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remorse caused by feeling responsible for some offense

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Mian Iftikhar representing his group said that patients with cognitive dysfunction suffer from detraction in performance, forgetfulness, and negative perceptions, lack of attention, concentration, and feeling of helplessness and also have guilt feelings. He also referred to the British Columbia assessment scale and Digital Symbol Subtraction Test.
In the case of Arjuna, on the other hand, we witness how he is purified from guilt feelings by engaging in a form of action that is inward-directed and detached from emotions directed at the consequences of that action.
I'm referring to Martin Buber's distinction between guilt feelings and existential guilt.
Without the human imperatives of guilt feelings or remorse, I suppose it is just a question of degree whether the actions of some will be judged to be evil or the perpetrator insane.
They have got enormous guilt feelings, which are normal.
Jensen tries to ratchet up Ulrik's guilt feelings, telling him that "there are no free rides out of this world." Reluctantly, Ulrik enters into a compact with him, agreeing to kill the man who was responsible for Ulrik's recent imprisonment.
Is it Holocaust guilt feelings? Is it Washington's objections that are in reality Israel's objections?
Perception of unfairness and intergroup support provision: The role of guilt feelings and attribution of responsibility.
Both Lewis's (1971) "self/self-behavior" hypothesis and the cognitive appraisal model of self-conscious emotion proposed by Tracy and Robins (2004, 2006) suggest that shame and guilt feelings are the results of self-evaluative processes where threats to one's self identity are detected (Lewis, 1999, 2003; Tangney, 1999; Tracy, Robins, & Tangney, 2007).
They also conclude that our support for Israel is not derived from moral or strategic concerns, but rather from guilt feelings regarding the Holocaust--we entered the Second World War too late to stop the Holocaust, so now we owe Israel our total uncritical obedience and allegiance, an atonement of sorts.
Especially, 'self-aware' consumers who are targeted by marketing practitioners through marketing communications live in paradoxes of contemporary consumer culture; through marketing communication some products are positioned as objects of desires or emancipation, yet some others refer to cultural values and norms, ideology of self-control and utilitarian consumption and appeal to guilt feelings.
Excessive procrastination can result in guilt feelings about not doing a task when it should be done and can also cause anxiety because the need to do most things does not get eliminated simply because you're avoiding it.
Abstract: This study examined cognitive (attributions) and affective (guilt feelings) experiences of blame following sexual coercion and their association with women's psychological well-being.
After finding that women are prone to guilt feelings when snacking, the Frito-Lay unit decided to tone down snack packaging and have it emphasize healthful ingredients.