guilt by association

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the attribution of guilt (without proof) to individuals because the people they associate with are guilty

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The resilience of the prohibition on guilt by association will be tested again very soon, for in 1996 Congress went still further and made it a crime for anyone-citizen or alien-to support the lawful activities of "foreign terrorist organizations." Under the law, the Secretary of State may blacklist any foreign group that has used violence, making it a felony punishable by ten years in prison to provide the group with any material support-even so much as a crayon or a human rights pamphlet.
Guilt By Association Five, 3.40pm A WIDOWED mother is convicted on drugs charges after her no-good boyfriend claims she was his partner in crime.
This is guilt by association. CIR will continue to defend the right of its clients to hold views deemed objectionable by the government (and, yes, sometimes by Nation editorialists) without endorsing those views itself.
That proposal died via guilt by association. Congressional Democrats demonized the council as a shill for Big Business.
I have seen nothing in any of the stories that have been produced about Mr Vaz that are not innuendo and guilt by association.
He did not cite any specific racist incidents, nor did he quote anything written or spoken by the Trochmarms that sounded racist or anti-Semitic, nor did he mention any additional evidence other than the already printed accusations of guilt by association.
France's guilt by association may explain why the R.P.F., now master of more than half the country, was hostile to this intervention, why the U.N.
Any other standard, the Court ruled, would amount to guilt by association.
Guilt by association, she said, "does not stand up in any investigation or in any court." "I really don't know why ES Ochoa is being linked (to the scam).
after My close friend is being tainted with guilt by association TELLY STAR'S MATE
That this response was so effective suggests that our nation has rejected the tactic of guilt by association.
@guyoseary - guilt by association, sorry." I'm really Touche.
Kazin is willing to risk guilt by association as a revolutionary Trotskyist to revenge himself vicariously against those whom he has maligned.
They do not resort to hysteria or innuendo, nor do they stoop to guilt by association. Their office and their bulletin by the same name are open to patient investigators.
"Dr Drennan is strong in his belief that there is nothing he failed to report, and the label of guilt by association is not something he is happy with."