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Synonyms for guillotine

closure imposed on the debate of specific sections of a bill

instrument of execution that consists of a weighted blade between two vertical poles

kill by cutting the head off with a guillotine

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THIS model of a guillotine made from meat bones by an 18th Century Napoleonic French prisoner was saved from the chop.
The Guillotines have been trained by Gong'e (Jimmy Wang) to behead their opponents with a weapon known as xuedizi, as confidently demonstrated in the pic's strong opening sequence.
Labour leader Eamon Gilmore said it had taken the use of the parliamentary guillotine on bills "to a new level of ridiculousness".
Just 6in (15cm) high, this cylindrical depicts two aristocrats looking on while another lies awaiting the blade, bearing the words "View of La Guillotine or the modern Beheading Machine at Paris By which Louis XV late King of France was Beheaded Jan 21, 1793".
Grinders for specific requirements such as pipe and profile, and hot-melt granulators and guillotines.
Initially, Deary concentrated on the jokes for his Horrible Histories, eg, where do you go to buy a guillotine? Answer: a chopping centre.
1981: France abolished execution by guillotine: Machines similar to guillotines have been traced as far back as 1307 when Murcod Ballagh was executed near Merton, Ireland, and 1400, where a machine known as The Halifax Gibbet was used at Halifax market day executions.
BCH Ltd's range of guillotines for the food and confectionery industry provide a solution to a wide variety of cutting requirements.
OMPEC guillotines from Veneer Systems feature 2-in.-on-center rear register fingers to allow small piece work; a large 10-in.
Guillotines, pinch-off type cutters, paper cutters and hand cutting with a knife have been the most prominent choices.
The company has six truck-mounted guillotine breakers (T8600s), seven roughterrain guillotines (8600s), and 11 multiple head breakers (MHBs).
I man the 5ft-wide electric guillotines which cut the fibres to the correct size before going into the machines.
Van Brussel's other suppliers include Monguzzi, an Italian company which supplies him with guillotines to trim and square veneer; Ludy, a Belgian company which manufactures veneer finger jointers and slitters; and Iberpress, a Spanish company which makes a membrane press.