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a word printed at the top of the page of a dictionary or other reference book to indicate the first or last item on that page

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Based on Table 4.1, it can be observed that the system of three-phase separator guideword PV-9900 consists of; high and low pressure, and temperature, as well as more, less, and as well as to the flow rate.
Based on research that has been done can be concluded as follows: Assessment hazard operability study showed that of the data maintenance and process data that has been processed obtained HAZOP which mangacu on guideword and can further assessed risk in the low category = 5, the risk in the category of moderate = 3, in the category of high risk = 1, and the risk for the category Catastropic = 0.
Table 1: Specifications Three-Phase Separator, PV-9900 Tag NumberSpesifikasi Size 144" ID x 30'-0" T/T Design Pressure 286 PSIG@250[degrees]F PV-9900 Operating Pressure 125 PSIG@180[degrees]F Corrosion Allowance 0.0125 INS Materials A-516 GR 70 Capacity 5000 OPD/50000 BWPD / 40 MM Table 2: Table Consequences, (The Standard Australia / New Zealand (AS / NZS 4360: 2004) Level Guideword Description 1 Insignificant The system operates and safe, there was a slight disturbance does not mean 2 Minor The system continues to operate and secure, interference resulted in a slight decrease in performance or, impaired system performance 3 Moderate The system can operate, failure may result in the machine loses its main function and / can cause product failure 4 Major The system cannot operate.
Determination guideword the HAZOP method is based on the data processing are taken every hour for 1 month was conducted in March 2013 (31 days).
Each instrument is analyzed and displayed in a chart measurements are then used to determine guideword of each transmitter as shown in Figure 3.
LBA40CP903 of the control chart can be seen that the pressure transmitter guideword LBA40CP903 is high which indicates that the deviation is at high pressure.
The appearance, at intervals, of a little black cat in various poses (meant to recall Johnson's cat, Hodge) was a little too twee for me, as was the vaguely Celtic type of the guidewords. Otherwise, though, I'm never against a new dictionary, and if you have a spare $40 gathering dust and no copy of Johnson of your own, you might as well spend it here.
This is done systematically by applying suitable guidewords.
In addition, guidewords like too early, too late, instead of, are used; the latter mainly for batch-like processes.
Barry Silverstein and Sharon Wood; LET'S MAKE MONEY, HONEY; GuideWords Publishing (Nonfiction: Business & Economics) 16.95 ISBN: 9780996576000
Although there are a number of variations to the DI instruction (such as providing a permanent model of a solved problem for students to consult and incorporating key guidewords), the present study used the basic form of the DI instruction for two main reasons.
The concept of 'HAZOP' is to review the plant in a series of meetings, during which a multidisciplinary team methodically go through a brainstorming session on the plant design, following the structure provided by the guidewords and the leadership of the HAZOP expert.
At each of these study nodes, a number of questions are formulated around a number of guidewords to explore all conceivable ways in which the operation could deviate from the design intention.