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Synonyms for regeneration

a fundamental change in one's beliefs

Synonyms for regeneration

(biology) growth anew of lost tissue or destroyed parts or organs

feedback in phase with (augmenting) the input

the activity of spiritual or physical renewal

forming again (especially with improvements or removal of defects)


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A comparative study of root coverage obtained with guided tissue regeneration utilizing a bioabsorbable membrane versus the connective tissue with partial-thickness double pedicle graft.
Extracellular matriz expression and periodontal wound-healing dynamics following guided tissue regeneration therapy in canine furcation defects.
The purpose of this case study to evaluate the treatment of endo-periodontal lesion with root canal treatment and guided tissue regeneration with bone graft membrane and free mucosal graft.
A comparison of 2 root coverage techniques: guided tissue regeneration with bioabsorbable matrix style membrane versus a connective tissue graft without vertical incisions.
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Key words: Periodontitis, menopause, Osteoporosis, bovine collagen, guided tissue regeneration
Platelet-rich plasma and bovine porous bone mineral combined with guided tissue regeneration in the treatment of intrabony defects in humans.
In addition, the tubular construction serves as scaffolding for guided tissue regeneration.
Here in this report we present a case of gingival recession treated with guided tissue regeneration (GTR) principle using amnion placental membrane.
In this study the efficacy of chemically modified type I collagen film as barrier membrane in guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedure was assessed in patients with gingival recession defect.
In addition, the text contains clear, clinical photographs and covers single tooth replacement, hard tissue grafting with guided tissue regeneration, and soft tissue augmentation associated with implants.
Atrisorb-D is a unique barrier product for use in guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures.
This article presents a successful case of endodontic-periodontal combined lesion with a retained instrument fragment in maxillary molar managed with mesiobuccal root resection and guided tissue regeneration (GTR).