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subject to guidance or control especially after launching


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Guided imagery was defined by Bresler and Rossman, co-founders of the Academy for Guided Imagery, as a, "range of techniques from simple visualization and direct imagery-based suggestion through metaphor and storytelling" (2003).
When writing on the history of guided imagery, Schoettle (1980) described many early 20th century examples of its use, starting with therapeutically working with daydreams.
In 1954, Hans Carl Leuner developed a technique he called experimentelles katathymes bilderleben, or experimentally introduced cathathymic imagery, and further developed psychodrama, which he called Symboldrama psychotherapy or guided affective imagery.
We are thrilled to begin operations of our guided walking tours this summer," stated Jonathan Bari, Chairman of The Constitutional Walking Tour.
In addition to providing the quintessential Philadelphia tour experience that includes learning about Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, The Constitutional's Guided Walking Tour also features contemporary information that transcends history along the route.
Some researchers have advocated the use of guided notes (e.
Published research on guided notes has focused primarily on the effects of guided notes on students' recall of information as measured by tests and quizzes.
Guided imagery is a powerful process which encourages the visualization of relaxing thoughts while being led by specific instructions and prompts.
Guided imagery is effective for surgical patients because it lowers anxiety.
And none of last year's 12 major rescue efforts involved guided groups, even though more than a quarter of all climbers were guided.
By contrast, the fatality rate on guided climbs is close to zero.