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a person with temporary permission to work in another country

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Farmers have long sought a new or revised guest worker program that would eliminate requirements to try to recruit U.S.-born workers, provide housing, and pay the super minimum AEWR wage.
The third source of additional workers is to introduce a major guest worker program.
Satisfied with the cooperative Saudi authorities, Khan said: "I remain very grateful to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah for all that he has done to facilitate the expatriate guest workers, especially the Pakistani workers, to document and regularize their status in the Kingdom."
In terms of labor market impact, particularly in high-technology industries, a further distinction arises from the difference between the permanent domestic labor force (native and immigrant, citizen and permanent resident alike) and the temporary guest worker labor force.
The eight-member House group is having difficulties negotiating the specifics of such a guest worker program, although several of its members have said that an agreement is not far off, Thomson Reuters reports.
The senators were haggling over details like how much low-skilled guest workers would be paid, and how many workers would be allowed into the country each year, the source was quoted as saying by the news channel.
In this study, the H-2A guest worker program is examined by taking into account these competing interests.
The fine is the largest ever levied for underpaying guest workers.
CIRA, whose supporters included Senators Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and John McCain (R-AZ), would have created a new guest worker program, but was not acted on by the House.
We need a guest worker program that will allow lesser skilled workers to enter the U.S.
Members of the committee used the discussion to stake out positions on immigration reform, particularly the agricultural guest worker programs.
A limitation of our work is that the sample may not be representative of the CNMI guest worker population overall.
The Guest Worker Question in Postwar Germany, by Rita Chin.
The book is artfully framed by the illustrated portrayal of a peak media event of the initial foreign labor importation program, the arrival of the one-millionth guest worker in September 1964, and its historical commemoration in the Federal Republic's fiftieth-anniversary exhibition in 1999, featuring the motorcycle that had been awarded to that Portuguese worker at his arrival thirty-five years before.
Their attorney says the Uighurs want to stay in Bermuda as part of a guest worker program, which has a provision to allow guest workers to get Bermudian citizenship in limited cases.