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The reformation and rebranding of the Oshodi axis by Governor Akinwumi Ambode, an act which has removed the unpleasant traffic chaos and banished miscreants from the environment made the incursion to No 1 Nitel Street, Cappa Bus Stop, Agege Motto Road, Lagos a nice memory on a Friday, Digital Bridge Guest House, at last!
Ahmedia Heritage Guest House offers tourists and residents a unique experience on old Dubai heritage, culture and customs.
The guest house was long awaited by the people of the state as it will act as a safe haven for the visitors from the state.
Just weeks later the guest house was raided by police.
Visitors will have access to Union House, which served as the birthplace of the United Arab Emirates in 1971, and the Guest House, one of the most famous buildings in Dubai and a well-known landmark throughout the UAE.
The Harbour Guest House, 24 Leazes Street, in Amble, Northumberland, is for sale at over PS99,950 (+leasehold).
We had received information that some foreign nationals were staying in the Ashiyana guest house and were possibly involved in immoral act," said Vijay Kumar, SHO of Sadar police station in Gurugram.
Spread over 16 kanals, the guest house is divided into two sets.
Ceris Meredith, joint owner of Glyn Peris Guest House in Llanberis, cracked 180 eggs, of which she says 172 were double-yolkers.
While Nigel is the director of Rigsby Guest House Limited, Rupert, 27, who played wizard Ron Weasley, is its only shareholder.
A BLOODIED man was arrested at a guest house following an incident lasting several hours in which around 10 police vans and cars amassed on a busy Teesside road.
AFTER five years at the helm of Elm Crest guest house in Edgerton, Chas and Sue Henderson are planning to retire and move south to Northamptonshire.
The guest house will be located near the metro station in Al Shindagha area and expected to include 13 rooms with attached toilets, which will be used to accommodate the municipality's external delegations.
KABUL (TAP) - A Taliban attack on a guest house in Kabul has come to an end, on Friday, with police killing the last gunman inside, Afghan military sources said.
MANAGERS at a guest house stole PS20,000 of takings and PS14,000 worth of fixtures and fittings - which they used to set up their own B&B.