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Synonyms for guest

Synonyms for guest

a person or persons visiting one

Synonyms for guest

a visitor to whom hospitality is extended

United States journalist (born in England) noted for his syndicated homey verse (1881-1959)

a customer of a hotel or restaurant etc

References in classic literature ?
There's a house not far from here,' said the guest when he had written a few lines, 'which you call the Warren, I believe?
Norman of Torn, but once before have you entered within the walls of Leybourn, and then you did, in the service of another, a great service for the house of Leybourn; and you stayed the night, an honored guest.
As she left her apartments to make her way to the gardens where the guests were congregating, two warriors, the insignia of the House of the Prince of Helium upon their harness, followed a few paces behind her, grim reminders that the assassin's blade may never be ignored upon Barsoom, where, in a measure, it counterbalances the great natural span of human life, which is estimated at not less than a thousand years.
You are quite right, Laodamas," replied Euryalus, "go up to your guest and speak to him about it yourself.
and all the guests became uneasy and began loudly expressing their wonder and dissatisfaction.
There do I laugh at my stern guest, and am still fond of him; because he cleareth my house of flies, and quieteth many little noises.
Occasionally guests journeyed to the ranch and remained a few days.
Guest and you, sir; of course I feel the most indebted to
For an instant after entering the room, the guest stood still, retaining Hepzibah's hand instinctively, as a child does that of the grown person who guides it.
With those words, he walks out of the room as quietly as he walked into it, and leaves his two guests to meditate gratefully on Shetland hospitality.
and with these words the bride drew forth the finger and shewed it to the assembled guests.
The person whom he had now encountered was the physician, Doctor Clarke, the duties of whose sad profession had led him to the Province House, where he was an infrequent guest in more prosperous times.
term for abject worthlessness,) ``who should in his own hall, and while his own wine-cup passed, have treated, or suffered to be treated, an unoffending guest as your highness has this day beheld me used; and whatever was the misfortune of our fathers on the field of Hastings, those may at least be silent,'' here he looked at Front-de-B
Countess Rostova, with her daughters and a large number of guests, was already seated in the drawing room.
Some hours before the guests were expected, Isabel arrived alone at the farm, bearing the apologies of unfortunate Miss Pink, still kept a prisoner in her bed-chamber by the asthma.