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a game in which participants compete to identify some obscurely indicated thing

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Another form of guessing game, Pictionary, is when you draw the word or phrase which you need your playmates to guess.
Winners of the can guessing game, will have the chance to meet a local celebrity and go for a picturesque canal trip.
Tiger Woods' decision to take an indefinite break from golf amid the embarrassing revelations about his personal life has set off a high-stakes guessing game as to when the game's most popular and bankable player will return.
When asked that why President Obama is saying that Al-Qaeeda leadership is in Pakistan, Qureshi said that its a guessing game going on and everybody is making guesses.
A community in Milwaukee had a successful leasing promotion incorporating an educated guessing game into a concession.
The guessing game about who would replace him has been in full swing since then and now we have come to the names of Stan Ternent and former Town favourite Ronnie Jepson.
Correctly fitting Soldiers usually involves a guessing game of small, medium, large or extra-large, and depends on the sizes available.
Jennifer Herbert's engaging paintings are bold and brightly-coloured; they are also playful in their depictions of the boy's various guessing game situations.
A woman desperate for answers to explain the death of her only baby was told: 'It's all a guessing game.
This simple guessing game will appeal to the very young and their parents.
Such information was often deleted from old software systems, leaving the airline analyst to play a guessing game, Today, big carriers are prioritizing software to better gauge where their money's coming from.
s new year is picking up right where 2005 left off - with ever-loftier expectations for the company's soaring stock and a feverish guessing game about the online search engine leader's next big move.
If you have a stump to study, you could do this; otherwise it's a wild guessing game.
It is often a guessing game to locate the correct tape; therefore the restoration of a single file can take hours of effort.
But charting the economic horizon is still a guessing game.