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a person who guesses

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Let us acknowledge, though, that persuasive guessers, even Ivan the Terrible, now a hero in the Soviet Union, have given us courage to endure extraordinary ordeals which we had no way of understanding.
Only the judge and the reader have access to the document (as defined earlier, text, image, video, podcast, and others); the guesser is never allowed to see it.
So the guesser must use hand motions to make his guess.
It's part illusion, it's part being a good guesser from being a magician.
A language guesser tool and an online dictionary are used to identify the language and to translate the documents to be used in cross-lingual similarity algorithms.
Pipes does put her skill as a guesser to work in her final two chapters.
Amazingly the pattern was that the card-counting guesser would be exactly right one more time than they were wrong.
The entries include professional level terms as well as those you hear every night from the local weather guesser, and include such concepts as pancake ice, interstade, the various types and functions of clouds, and the real meaning of "climate," which is not the same as short-term "weather.
There are no question marks about Jimmy The Guesser in the first division of the betdirect.
It took each of our six guessers an average of 2 1/2 hours to guess the 292 words in the 12 sentences and each guesser produced, on average, over 1300 different guesses (even when we restricted the time allowed for this guessing to 30 seconds as opposed to the 60 seconds which Goldman-Eisler allowed).
Now the knower and the guesser both remain in the room while the food is hidden by a third party; the knower watches the food being hidden, while the guesser wears a bag over his head.
He might have bolted, too, but a little while before that we were joking with Vinnie, "the weight and age guesser," about using his ability with numbers to work out a plan for deficit reduction.
Partners sit facing each other and decide who will be the guesser and who will be the dresser.
comes complete with tokens, dry-erase guesser board, playing board and a DVD featuring thought-provoking Hollywood movie content, unusual visuals and word games.