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an irregular armed force that fights by sabotage and harassment

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Alape, who is one of the negotiators, was charged with acknowledging the responsibility of the guerrilla force in the massacre at Bojaya.
We divide all its counties into four categories based on their status one year before the liberation of Hangzhou in 1949: (0) nonguerrilla county--a county that had no active guerrilla forces before 1949, nor was it liberated by local guerrillas; (1) strong guerrilla county--a county where a sizable guerrilla force was garrisoned or headquartered; (2) normal guerrilla county--a county that had active guerrilla forces but was not the location of guerrilla headquarters; (3) weak guerrilla county--a county that was liberated by local guerrillas in 1949 but had little guerrilla activities prior to that year.
Mukti Bahini comprised of Bengali regulars and civilians, operated as an effective guerrilla force to keep the Pakistan Army on the run during the Bangladesh Liberation War.
A guerrilla force is usually not in uniform and blends with the local populace when not fighting.
Donnie was in fact shot twice and knifed by a member of the Viet Cong guerrilla force.
What was the military significance of the guerrilla force which resisted the Soviet 1917 Battle of Cambrai?
Such a rare display of defiance and force by the rebels is played down by the military, which said setbacks, surrenders, infighting and loss of foreign support have reduced the guerrilla force to less than 5,000 from a peak of 25,000 in the 1980s.
Before this charter and going back to the late 1960s and early 1970s, NVC used to stand for North Viet Cong, the guerrilla force that, with the support of the North Vietnamese Army, fought against South Vietnam and the United States.
The Iraqi border guards involved in the incident were formerly members of the Kurdish peshmerga, the guerrilla force that fought against Saddam and led a campaign for autonomy in Iraqi Kurdistan but has since partly been integrated into the Iraqi military.
Hezbollah, listed as a terrorist group by the United States, also fought a war with Israel in 2006 that cost Lebanon a heavy civilian toll but its guerrilla force was not defeated on the ground.
The group has said its guerrilla force is back to full strength after the 2006 war and has hinted it could add anti-aircraft missiles to its arsenal of short-range rockets and small arms.
However, Palitha Kohona, the foreign affairs ministry secretary, told Al Jazeera that the LTTE will eventually be defeated as a guerrilla force.
Less than two weeks ago, the mountains to the north and east of the Amedi valley reverberated with Turkish bombs and shells as Ankara's troops swept the ridges and valleys in pursuit of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), a Turkish Kurdish guerrilla force that has made its base inside Iraqi territory.
This slaughter of defenceless women, children and the elderly led directly to the formation of a guerrilla force we now know as Hezbollah.
The guerrilla force warned that it would rocket the key Israeli port city of Haifa if Israel hit Beirut, a strike that would be the deepest ever into Israel by the guerrillas - some 18 miles.