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an irregular armed force that fights by sabotage and harassment

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When the government opened the oil pipeline from Bentiu to the Red Sea in August 1999, NDA guerrilla forces mounted several sabotage operations against that pipeline and against another pipeline that carried refined oil from Port Sudan to Khartoum.
The re-emergency of the Taliban, now as a guerrilla force allied with the anti-US forces of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, has been a source of major concern in Washington.
If he is holed up in Afghanistan, the terrain of mountain chains with deep valleys and huge open plains would be ideal for a small guerrilla force to run rings round a larger military force and disappear before it were interdicted.
Over the last couple of months, Colombia's cattlemen, and to a lesser extent, most other business associations, have called on Pastrana to stop sweet-talking the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the largest guerrilla force, and use military might to force the insurgents to adopt a more conciliatory bargaining position.
But for the past year, the process has reversed itself as some 500 families have returned to the state of Chiapas, many settling in territory under the control of the guerrilla force Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional (EZLN).
Clinton also made a pointed statement toward the ethnic Albanian guerrilla force inside Kosovo that is fighting for independence: ``We have made clear to the leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army that we expect them not to hinder the Serb withdrawal.
Menchu: I believe that in no country of the world has there existed a Christian guerrilla force.
Hizbullah has said its guerrilla force is back to full strength after the 2006 war and has recently hinted it could add anti-aircraft missiles to its arsenal of short-range rockets and small arms.
In a surprising twist of plot, the guerrilla force Cobras find themselves taking orders from an alien himself, forming a new partnership to face another new ruthless race of invaders.
The viewer is simply placed at street level in a graphic, relentless recreation of a gun battle in which his enemy is an anti-UN guerrilla force -- and the cavalry that comes to the rescue is led by tanks and armored personnel carriers stamped with the United Nations' initials and operated by blue-helmeted "peacekeepers.
Security chiefs investigating the Provisionals' South American connection, which has heightened pressure on the Northern Ireland peace process, claimed the three had been on a secret mission to probe how that country's largest rural guerrilla force was developing its home-made devices.
Besides his captors, the National Liberation Army (ELN), there is also a heavy contingent of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the country's largest Communist guerrilla force.
The Kosovo Liberation Army is a brutal guerrilla force armed by German supporters and determined to drive what remains of a Serbian minority out of Kosovo, the Serb ancestral lands and the Serbian Jerusalem.
1]m-Erichsen also pledged the willingness of her country to continue strengthening military cooperation between the countries in areas of training and helping the new nation to transform its army from a guerrilla force into a professional army capable of defending the country.
Bogota, Jumada I 3, 1433, Mar 26, 2012, SPA -- Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos said a military raid has killed 32 rebels in the country's southern plains in the second major blow in less then a week to the Andean nation's main guerrilla force, AP reported.