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a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment

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Nikki Carr returns to Guerilla after one year to head up the accounts department.
For the reborn Maoist guerilla groups in India, also known locally as Naxalites, the Indian government is the principal enemy.
I hope the Nike decision to engage Guerilla will show we are serious about becoming a national player.
To promote its "Orange" online banking solutions, ING Direct waged guerilla campaigns in the metropolitan regions of Boston, San Francisco and Washington, D.
Guerilla marketers often employ clever and imaginative programs to target a smaller group of consumers within a larger mass audience.
Guerilla Force will be heavily focused on unique content creation, inventing eye-capturing and sometimes outrageous concepts that overcome message overload.
Its independent Design 100 survey is the authoritative guide to the UK's top design agencies and Guerilla is the only agency from the North East to make it in to the top 100.
CREATIVE agency Guerilla is celebrating the return of a prodigal son who has rejoined the company he originally helped to set up.
Thanks to the American advisers' "conventional mindset," he writes, ARVN "was not trained for the guerilla war burgeoning within its own boundaries.
The Guerilla Studio at SIGGRAPH 2003 is a working laboratory with the latest versions of popular 2D and 3D design software running on high-end workstations which are connected to the newest state of the art output technologies including large-format printers and 3D rapid prototyping systems.
NEWCASTLE creative agency Guerilla has been appointed to develop a campaign for fast-growing Californian technology company 8x8 Inc.
Craig Lumley has joined Guerilla Communications as senior developer, despite being just 23.
Their collection combines both thematic essays on marginalized youth, separatism, and the politics of African guerillas and case studies of guerilla movements in Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Sudan, Senegal, and Angola.
The bold new campaign, entitled "Where," will roll out via television, print, interactive, outdoor and guerilla marketing.
New arrivals at Guerilla Communications include Joanne Elliott and Matthew Ellison as account managers, Rob Palmer as website designer and Heather Bell as director of public relations.