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a small round table

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Food is brought to the table on a gueridon and cooked or reheated on a rechaud.
And when it comes to presenting and opening the bottles, servers are trained to leave the cap on the gueridon (service table).
In gueridon service the waiter will cook the guests' food at the table.
C'est ainsi que dans la premiere des lettres qui composent la seconde partie du roman, Constance decrit pour l'Abbe de la Tour la vie paisible au Chateau d'Altendorf: "Nos trois metiers forment un triangle autour d'un antique gueridon d'argent sur lequel on place deux flambeaux".
The gueridon would eventually become a wheeled cart for displaying desserts, cheeses, and more.
ainsi qu'un gueridon traditionnel en bois d'acajou [.
Its delicate walls were tinged like a blush; its floor was waxed; a square of brilliant carpet covered its centre; its small round table shone like the mirror over its hearth; there was a little couch, a little chiffoniere; the half-open, crimson-silk door of which, showed porcelain on the shelves; there was a French clock, a lamp; there were ornaments in biscuit china; the recess of the single ample window was filled with a green stand, bearing three green flower-pots, each filled with a fine plant glowing in bloom; in one corner appeared a gueridon with a marble top, and upon it a work-box, and a glass filled with violets in water.
The art of Gueridon or cooking at tables has almost disappeared.
s Modena chairs sat on either side of a French directoire style gueridon table from St.
Preparing the food at table-side using a gueridon (a small table with wheels) and a rechaud (a pan set over a heating element) is the distinguishing characteristic of French service.
Faberge Museum, Baden An Italian Empire ormolu gueridon c.
Often it would be made at the tableside by a dinner-suited maitre d', on one of those brilliant gueridon trolleys that I wish would make more of a comeback.
In French a la carte service, the service person has to transfer food from a pan at the gueridon to plate.
encombre de table basse, gueridon, pouf, sofa, commode, armoire, penderie, lit avec et sans baldaquin, miroir [ .
A world auction record for the artist Juan Gris was set for Le gueridon, 1914, which fetched pounds 4,403,750, while a leading work from the German Expressionist movement, Die Grune Brucke, by Lyonel Feininger (1871-1956) fetched a world record price of pounds 1,433,750, more than double pre-sale expectations.