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Synonyms for guerdon

something given in return for a service or accomplishment

something justly deserved

to bestow a reward on


Words related to guerdon

a reward or payment

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Thanks to the school of scientific philosophers he favored, he knew the biological significance of love; but by a refined process of the same scientific reasoning he reached the conclusion that the human organism achieved its highest purpose in love, that love must not be questioned, but must be accepted as the highest guerdon of life.
It was the merit of work performed, a guerdon of manhood finer and greater than any other man could offer, and it had been to him his justification and right to possess her.
A guerdon--a guerdon, my knight of the staring eyes
Then dirt and weather-beat shall be your guerdon of honour," I said, holding them in mine; and, spite of my resolutions, I would have kissed the two dear hands had she not swiftly withdrawn them.
well was mix'd the deadly draught, And long and deeply hast thou quaff'd; And bitter as thy pangs may be, They are but guerdons meet from me