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Synonyms for guerdon

something given in return for a service or accomplishment

something justly deserved

to bestow a reward on


Words related to guerdon

a reward or payment

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It was the merit of work performed, a guerdon of manhood finer and greater than any other man could offer, and it had been to him his justification and right to possess her.
For it is a usual and ancient custom with knights and ladies errant to give the squires, damsels, or dwarfs who bring tidings of their ladies to the knights, or of their knights to the ladies, some rich jewel as a guerdon for good news,' and acknowledgment of the message.
He too received a noble recompense for his devotedness to the best interests of his country, taking with him into the retirement of private life the hatred of a host of enemies, and the fresh scars of wounds inflicted by assassins, only too often the sole guerdon obtained by honest people, who are guilty of having worked for their country, and of having forgotten their own private interests.
They are the last of the Guerdons and Aphra wants her revenge
Let's look back over the years: One of the first real forms of entertainment was table service using guerdons, which for decades was extremely popular and helped fill the upmarket restaurants of London.