guelder rose

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deciduous thicket-forming Old World shrub with clusters of white flowers and small bright red berries

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Guelder rose - also know as viburnum, this flower is perfect for creating the country garden look.
Oak, ash and birch trees, and shrubs such as crab-apple, spindle and guelder rose, were planted on two of the estate's tenanted farms to create a number of shelter belts and spinneys.
Suitable trees might include silver birch, rowan and cherry, and shrubs might include guelder rose and wild privet.
The volunteers, from youngsters to pensioners, assisted by countryside wardens from the newly-designated Local Nature Reserve have been hard at work planting an area near the old Guisborough branch railway line with Guelder rose bushes.
Good ones to use include alstromeria, guelder rose, stock, ranunculus, anemones and roses - with Esperanza, Dolce Vita and Cezanne all perfect varieties for this.
On the second grave a native shrub such as hazel, dogwood or guelder rose.
Shrub reveals so much about currant affairs 6 Viburnum opulus, our native guelder rose, is a shrub for all seasons.
Viburnum opulus, the Guelder rose, also springs to mind - a wonderful deciduous shrub with intricately cut grapevine-like leaves bearing pure white clusters of pom-pom flowers.
For a present that will outlive the festivities, why not give your friends or family a Guelder Rose tree, one of this country's native gems.
You can put almost anything into a mixed hedge like this - several apples we grew from pips are now residing in our hedge, as are cuttings from Viburnum opulus - the guelder rose - and an enormous blackcurrant that outgrew its former site but seems very happy in its new home.
Their efforts culminated in a three-hour planting session on the site with SWWAN members, Northumberland Wildlife Trust volunteers and Shasun personnel all mucking in and planting blackthorn, hazel and guelder rose bushes.
Native hedging plants such as hawthorn, blackthorn, guelder rose, wild rose and perhaps even some field maple, can be bought for planting bare root at a good price.